Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Are you kidding me?

I didn't even have to be fully awake to be outraged this morning.

My alarm gradually talks me awake each morning with NPR. Maybe today, I should have chosen the buzzer. Would have left me feeling calmer and more content.

The public airwaves were abuzz about the fact that Congress is going to let unemployment benefits expire for up to 2 million people between now and the new year. In their futile effort to compromise with Republicans, Democrats cannot get enough votes to pass another emergency renewal.

Say all you want that these people have been getting benefits for the maximum amount of time, plus unprecedented renewal. Say what you want that that, shucks, they should have found jobs by now. Say what you want that we cannot afford to add to the deficit. Say what you want about how more tax cuts for the wealthy are the way to go toward fixing this mess, and how Republicans are willing to compromise on the whole deficit principle if Democrats vote for the Bush tax cut extension...

Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket. Half the time I'm sitting here, I can't even type. I think the deficit talk is astonishingly selective and hypocritical on a good day, but this isn't a good day. Thanks to the effort of some of the worst lowlife scum ever to "represent" the American people, 2 million people will have no income for an entire month. Over the holidays, no less. Hey assholes, you think those 2 million people with no way to feed and shelter themselves and their families are just going to go into torpor until 2011? You really think saving an average weekly payment of $300 spread over two million people is going to make a dent in the deficit? You think that there won't be costs elsewhere as a result? Do you think we've all forgotten the lip service that you guys use every time you want to oppose something, saying it can't be done when so many families are hurting economically? Do you think your bullshit excuses about the deficit fly when you can't find enough lines of credit to fund two bullshit wars and bullshit tax cuts on history's richest people? Oh yeah, there's ALWAYS deficit room for that! Like Dick Cheney said, deficits don't matter!! Well, I'm glad to see you guys finally came around on that one. Good timing, too. Happy Holidays, little people.

Oh well. I'm sure each and every person that's going to be blindsided by this has a warm, loving church or charity that will take them in with open arms and full acceptance, and will meet their every need for as long as necessary. At least that's what they tell me.

I also received an e-mail this morning from a grown, gainfully employed adult about Obama's citizenship status. I swear, it's like recurring cancer.

It's already freezing outside today. Humanity doesn't need to provide the wind chill.


rhonda said...

i almost posted the link on my FB page this morning, and then i realized that i genuinely don't even want to hear what people have to say about this. all i can think about is how happy everyone was about the results of the last election.

NOLA Progressive said...

Yet every last one of the mother f'ers would vote to reauthorize the Bush tax cuts in a heartbeat right now. $300 a week is too much to add to the defecit, but 4 Trillion over ten years is just peachy!

Meanwhile as you say, people are concerning themsleves with the citizenship status forwards, the antichrist talk, and rehtoric like "passing it on to our children's children". What a crock of bullshit. The fact that people aren't camped out on Cantor and Boehner's doorstep screaming at the top of their lungs tells you everything you need to know about the general malaise in this country. We have been broken, and I'm not sure, this generation at least, can be fixed.

rhonda said...

"All 42 GOP senators say they'll block virtually all legislation until expiring tax cuts are extended."

yes, that about sums it up.

Hathor said...

There were unemployed people going to DC yesterday to protest. Don't know if it is enough to get any attention unless they lay down on Pennsylvania Ave.

Hathor said...

I also wonder if it is seen too unseemly to protest as the Union, Vietnam War, Anti-Nuclear and Civil Right protesters in past generations. What do you have to lose, if you have the possibility of no roof and little food.