Thursday, November 18, 2010

The World is a Rainbow...sorry, bigots

My class sang and performed a dance to this song in second grade, back in 1987-88. I hadn't heard it again until recently. It brings back happy memories and I think it's a sweet, solid song in general.

The song, by Greg & Steve, celebrates diversity: "It takes all kinds of people / To make the world go round... So you be you, and I'll be me / That's the way we were meant to be... The world is a mixing cup / Just look what happens when you stir it up."

Looking back, I'm pretty surprised it flew in my south Louisiana school. Granted, we were very diverse and I remember my teacher, Mrs. Chiquelin, teaching me a lot about the world. Still, I'm pretty sure I could have written these lyrics as a column in college and been castigated for being a self-hating white person, like I was that one time.

But like the song says, it takes all kinds of people. You be you. And I'll be me. 

Thank you, Mrs. Chiquelin.

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NOLA Progressive said...

How dare you suggest that racism/bigotry exists in the South! The very notion is preposterous. You act as if there were some sort of history of this type of thing down here. The nerve!

What kills me about these folks who throw the "self-hatin white guy" card, is that they know as a white person I've grown up around white families of similar location, socioeconomic status, religion, etc... my entire life. I've been in their homes and heard their opinions and comments made when they felt the most comfortable. I've had to overcome the covert and overt middle class suburban southern racism myself. I know and understand its prevalence. I also know the guy who screams the loudest about how many black friends he has or how there are "all black" organizations etc... is the worst of them all.