Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tonight explained in four sentences

People fed up with the mess left by the previous administration and past Congresses got so mad at the politicians who are trying to fix the situation that they decided to throw the bums out and elect people to government who hate government and who will serve incompetently to prove government is the problem. 

After two years of gridlock, they'll campaign on the notion that Obama is an ineffective president, and thus the solution is even more Republicans and more "common folk" to fix what they broke in the first place. 

That strategy will probably succeed because the flaws in this logic are given legitimacy by the media because the people spewing them are loud and insistent, and brilliant at exploiting the legitimate fears of Americans that they mostly caused in the first place.



Jester said...

It's ok, man. Let it all out. There there. Jester is here for you :)

Ian McGibboney said...

I'm glad we can have an adult conversation.

Jester said...

Riiiight... Cheer = Childishness, Melancholy = Maturity.

There is help out there, man. You should seriously look into it.

Ian McGibboney said...

I think my blogs deserve better than links to videos of babies crying from smug jerks such as yourself. It's tremendously discouraging that my blog is such a magnet for utter morons. But I guess people like you are the ones who have the time and motivation.

Tom Alday said...

Sorry, it's hard to not be smug jerks when we're dancing.

Ian McGibboney said...

"I hope you celebrate if your people and party win — because you care about your country, not just because you want to win or because you derive joy from seeing your opposition squirm." - Me

I knew you'd miss the point completely.

Tom Alday said...

"You know, it's hard to blog when you're dancing." - You, November 4th 2008

I knew you'd be a total hypocrite again.

Ian McGibboney said...

I was dancing out of joy.

You're dancing with your ass in my face.

How long did it take you to come up with that false hypocrisy?

venessalewis said...

Enjoy your "moment" guys, however brief it may be. Not quite sure what the victory here is, other than gridlocking Congress for the next 2 years and further pissing off the American public, except this time, the anger wil be directed at you. In hindsight, this may have been the best thing that could have happened for Obama's re-election.

The last 3 presidents that suffered such large losses at midterms were Truman, Eisenhower and Clinton. ALL 3 WON re-election. Now THAT's something to rejoice upon.

Tom Alday said...

You don't think we're dancing out of joy?

And it didn't take long to find yet another example of your hypocrisy, I know your "routine" so it's amazingly easy to determine a timeline of your shifting beliefs.

Tom Alday said...

Oh no, we'll gridlock Congress, how horrible!

Ian McGibboney said...

V - Totally agree. As I've said before, the right was so desperate to win this election that I don't think they thought that far ahead. In fact, I'm not sure they thought THIS far ahead. The strategy they used for 2010 is the political equivalent of trading all your draft picks for Ricky Williams, except Ricky's game plan is to break his leg.

The gridlock that will ensue will hurt a lot of people in need of unemployment benefit and affordable health care, and by then even many tea party people will realize that their principles don't help them in real life. And that will seriously crimp the Republicans in 2012, as if they needed help with that.

Tom - I think your joy is based entirely on how upset we are. You've said it yourself many times (I know your routine too). I don't recall flaming right-wingers' sites in 2008 asking them how America's ass tastes. That was not my mood at all. I felt like we were making history, not stalling it.

Tom Alday said...

My joy is based entirely on how hamstrung and lame ducky Obama's next 2 years will be. Seeing him lose will make me even more joyous. Your pathetic melancholy is merely an enjoyable sidebar to the real fun.

"I felt like we were making history"

Yes, historic unemployment, historic debt, historically bad economy. Heaven forbid we stall this gravy train Obama's got us on!

Ian McGibboney said...

You have a short memory. It was Bush who really got this country in deep shit, though you will never concede that. OK. Regardless, you're happy not that the GOP will enact any proactive reforms, but that they will stall and hamstring the Obama administration (which, despite you and your brethren's brays, a lot of us still support). This dust crop of Republicans campaigned on thwarting Obama and on the idea that government is the problem. And you actually celebrate this.

You are the worst kind of vile American.

Tom Alday said...

Democrats have had a majority since 2007, you think maybe they share some blame for the state of affairs? Of course you don't, you gotta hang onto that Bush boogeyman as long as you can, ignoring reality. He's out of office, let it go.

I'm vile because I distrust a government that has shown itself, repeatedly, to be corrupt, wasteful and inefficient over the years. Sorry buttercup, I'm exactly the type of voter the Founders hoped we would ALL be. Big government loving idiots like you are the aberration that needs to be put down.

Ian McGibboney said...

For someone who combs so obsessively over my blogs, you apparently missed many, many blogs from 2004 on where I talk about how bad things have gotten. I know lots of people like you who will say with a straight face that our economic woes began in 2007. That's about as partisan commentary as it gets.

Bush deeply destabilized this country, first with his astonishingly stupid regressive tax cuts, then with his reckless spending on two wars, including the entirely elective war on Iraq. All giveaways to his rich buddies. The fact that that economic turnaround is still being deeply felt should not be a condemnation of the Democrats, and only wishful thinkers such as yourself and your fellow small minds think it is. If anything, the Obama administration kept it from getting worse with the bailouts and electing not to wage war in Iran, among other things.

But thanks to a cable media that perpetuates such ignorance, the very people who think the least, scream the loudest and are most enamored with their own patriotism vote against their own interests to the detriment of us all.

I fail to understand how anyone can be so hateful, ignorant, smug, self-defeating and narrow-minded, and yet still think they are the kind of person who should determine the direction of the country (one filled with paranoid bootstrapping hypocrites, no less).

Tom Alday said...

Typical liberal, voters are stupid and moronic when they vote against Democrats. Maybe one day you'll realize that strategy doesn't do much to help you at the polls. Actually I hope you don't, keep shooting yourself in the foot with every bitter comment about the electorate.

I love how everything is Bush's fault. As if he was some kind of king issuing fiats from some high throne. Democrats voted right along with him on all those measures, but they're blameless, eh? Did the 2000-2006 Republican majority suck at being conservatives? Yes. But the Democrats don't get off the hook, they sucked right along with them. Pretending they have no hand in the economy after they've been the majority for nearly 4 years is about as naive as thinking you can spend your way out a recession.

"I fail to understand how anyone can be so hateful, ignorant, smug, self-defeating and narrow-minded, and yet still think they are the kind of person who should determine the direction of the country"

Wow, that's the harshest you've ever criticized Obama, guess even you see the writing on the wall.

Ian McGibboney said...

Given that I can't imagine a reason that people would vote for this GOP slate other than spite, I'd say they did make a mistake.

Tom Alday said...

Lol a member of the 2004 ABB crowd lecturing people on voting out of spite is too funny for words.

Ian McGibboney said...

I can and have clearly articulated why I didn't like Bush as president. I also made my case for Kerry, both here and in print.

My opposition to Bush wasn't because of things that aren't true, like the Obama critics who mindlessly bray "socialism" and "foreign-born." It's pretty easy to make a case against war or regressive tax cuts. Easier than health care reform, apparently.

Am I wrong about you, Tom? Are you, in fact, really excited about neither party getting anything done for the next two years? Does that make you feel like a proud American? Because if it does, more power to you. Until then, your comment about America's ass in my face seems to represent how you feel, and that's disgusting.

Tom Alday said...

You clearly stated you were all for "ABB" i.e Anybody But Bush, if voting for literally anybody besides Bush isn't voting out of spite then I'm not sure what is. Again, your own words come back to haunt you, that's twice in one thread.

The voters said their number 1 reason yesterday was the economy, that's what the Tea Party has been all about from the beginning. It's not about spite. In case you hadn't noticed the unemployment rate is around 10%, people are worried about that first and foremost. Call them racist small minded idiots all you want, but in the end you're the one that looks like the small minded, spiteful idiot.

As for gridlock, fuck yes. Bring.it.on

Ian McGibboney said...

If I said that, quote me. Then defend yourself. Exposing me as a supposed hypocrite does not negate my argument.

I understand that people are worried about jobs. Jobs are always the last indicator of recovery to hit. I don't blame people for being impatient, but putting Republicans back in power is not the answer.

You'd rather have gridlock than to have people you disagree with fix the mistakes of the ones you support. That's going to hurt a lot of people, so enjoy the view. I hope it soothes your sadistic fantasies.

Tom Alday said...

"If I said that, quote me."
A.B.B. 2004! - Game. Set. Match.

Once a hypocrite, always a hypocrite.

"You'd rather have gridlock than to have people you disagree with fix the mistakes of the ones you support."

Been waiting for these supposed "fixes" for 2 years now. If I sucked at my job for 2 years straight I'd get fired and someone else would be brought in to do it right. Congress isn't any different.

Ian McGibboney said...

Jesus Christ, you dig deep. And I thought you freaked me out before...

I once drew a political ad mocking George Bush and Dan Quayle when I was 12. Maybe there's some shit in there that undermines me too?

I have no recollection of that. But just like with that stupid Alan Grayson meme of yours, this is most likely something I tossed off among with lots of other things. It's certainly not something I constantly pushed on my blog, or in my newspaper column, or something I otherwise thought about for longer than it took me to type. I did write in one column about how not liking Bush was enough reason to vote Democrat, but that was a facetious point amid a close look at John Kerry.

Funny how I can't be judged by six years of published material and personal growth, but one anonymous message-board entry defines my entire life. I can only imagine what tripe you've written...

But to address the larger point here: Tom, once again, you dig up the most obscure dirt you can to shrink away from the stupidity of your points and your behavior. Your attempts at deflection are juvenile and weak. You support a bankrupt party and ideology, in the most smug manner possible. You can't defend yourself, so you try (and fail) to make me into a hypocrite in order to justify your behavior (fail #2).

Do you actually have any principles, or ANY redeeming qualities, Tom? Or are you just a blustery mound?

Tom Alday said...

As I said before, I'm very thorough.

Don't get your hemp panties in a bunch because I can constantly, almost without fail, dig up past quotes of yours that consistently show you to be a hypocrite. It's a gift I have.

"in the most smug manner possible"

Says the "I can't blog cuz I'm too busy dancing about Obama winning!!!" guy. Blow it out your ass hypocrite.

Ian McGibboney said...

Yeah, Tom, you have nothing worth saying that's defensible, so you'll plumb the depths of everything I've ever written under the guise that I never change my mind or say something I would have taken back later. Hell, if only I'd known to what degree you'd attack me later in life, I would have watched what I said more. And that's not taking into account how badly you'll twist my words to cowardly avoid any real argument.

Get a life, you worthless sack.

Tom Alday said...

I know when I have you, you get all invective-y

Maybe if you had a single honest conviction and didn't just go with whatever talking point of the day is you wouldn't contradict yourself so much, and therefore giving me a easy in to call you a hypocrite.

You should work on that, maybe develop an ideal outside of "OMG RETHUGS SUX/OBAMA SO DREAMY" and "Lets tax everyone into poverty!" and then stick with it over the years. Just a suggestion.

Ian McGibboney said...

Oh yeah, I have all the backbone of butter. That's an interesting new perspective. Usually, it's how all I do is ape Democratic talking points. Sounds like you're the one who's flip-flopping, Tom.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, if facts warrant it. I mean, I've voiced different opinions in my time. Human beings do that.

As for my content, well, I have more readers than you and have had lots published. You may think I'm shit, but you're in a minority. Assuming that's even true — pound for pound, you're my biggest fan, Tom. You spend a lot of time on me. Like a groupie, but not as smart.

Tom Alday said...

Who the fuck was talking about your published "content" or how many of your friends you bribe into reading your drivel? Certainly not me.

Guess you have to throw out your great journalistic accomplishments whenever you can though, irregardless of the conversation at hand, lord knows no one ever asks or cares about them on their own.

Jenni said...

When Ian redesigned his blog, he called for increased civility and said for bygones to be bygones. Essentially, he upped his standards, so I'm wondering why everyone else didn't up theirs? Why can't those who disagree with Ian do it with a bit more class than name calling, snarky jokes, or personal attacks?

Tom Alday said...

Because like everything else about Ian his call for civility was total bullshit.

Ian McGibboney said...

I believe in civility, but it's like a language. If you don't understand it, you won't get the message.

Tom, you aggressively defy every hallmark of civility I wrote about. Whether or not you agree with them all, you go out of your way to dodge all manner of decent interaction. One rule I live by that I didn't list was the Golden Rule, which is more pertinent than ever. I don't take shit from shit like you, and I will not apply my principles of tolerance and acceptance to those whose actions don't merit it.

I was a victim of bullying for much of my childhood from people who thought, talked and even looked like you. So I'm not blind to how much this excites you. It frustrates me that you and people like you are the obstacles to badly needed change in America. Makes me SICK.

Tom Alday said...

I love how a guy that's spent the last 6 years ridiculing everything about his political opponents is suddenly now all for civility. Hey Jon Stewart said something about civility and now it's cool, lets do that! Hooray for having no core values and mindlessly following whatever your liberal gods deem the new hip thing to try out.

Ian McGibboney said...

I love how even if I was the caricature of me you so unfunnily peddle, you make no attempt to be any better. In fact, you want me to be that person because it gives you an excuse to revel in that behavior as well.

It's like playing with a really insufferable child.