Saturday, November 20, 2010

A thought I had today while being destroyed in basketball

"Make it take it" is a very Republican game. It rewards the people who already have all the advantages, and leaves the other side struggling to defend the entire time.

Though I did notch four points in four games. And no one can take that away. Hah!


Daudi said...

In high school my friends and I had the same thought about Make It Take It, so we put together a game called Socialist 21 a.k.a. Underwear Scrimmage.

It was every man for himself, played with three people (or three teams of 2 players) where you couldn't be more than three points behind the leader. The person farthest behind the leader always got the ball after anyone's turnover, including his own, and after anyone's basket. If two people were tied behind the leader, they's shoot free throws to decide who gets possession.

Ian McGibboney said...

I like that, Daudi! I don't know how my compatriots will, but eh. We all gotta sacrifice in these times.