Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things that suck about having pinkeye

• Having an eyeball that looks like John Cusack's after he was exposed to nuclear radiation in "Fat Man and Little Boy," and probably feels the same way.

• The interesting phenomenon whereas a slightly swollen eye can make your sinuses, ears and entire body feel like it's been given a black eye. Literally.

• Four-year-old magic glasses with Headache-O-Vision that not only are too weak of a prescription, but are also lopsided since I stepped on them yesterday afternoon.

• The way I look in glasses.

• Increased sensitivity to the sun (not that seeing the sun has been much of an issue).

• Having your friends and co-workers tell you to stay the hell away from them. But with an excuse this time.

• Dry workplace air.

• The way I have to remember to sanitize my hands every time I subconsciously touch my face.

• Slathering my eyeballs with antibiotic drops that contain, among other ingredients, sulfuric acid.

• One word: discharge.

• How everyone assumes that you got it in some illicit, embarrassing way. And how saying you probably got it from playing flag football or from your sister's boyfriend actually digs your hole deeper.

• How the bacteria seems to know it's about to lose its contagious properties, and thus is tempting me harder than ever to rub my eye and reach out and touch someone.

• Everything, really.

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mintradz said...

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