Thursday, November 04, 2010

Health care: Do not take when sick

I'm reading a lot of articles (mainly from the AP) suggesting that the midterm election results were a referendum on the fact that Obama overreached with his reforms. In other words, that people felt our economy was too fragile to enact health care reform, etc.

I call shenanigans on this. I have no doubt that those opposed to health care reform do so on principle, and would have objected to it if we still economically partied like it was 1999. 

When George W. Bush first proposed his tax cuts in 2000, he said that it was because we had a surplus and the taxpayers deserved to have it back. When the economy tanked in epic proportions, he said we needed the same kind of tax cuts to bring us out of it. No matter what the problem (or non-problem) was, regressive tax cuts were always the answer.

And that's how it is with Obama's reforms. We're told we can't afford them in a bad economy, and we'll most likely be told in better times that such a measure would be too costly. In between, there are all the stupid charges of Marxism and socialism.

How convenient that nothing Obama proposes ever has an appropriate time or place. But tax kickbacks for the big boys? Always in style.

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Hathor said...

Since the population is getting older It is amazing how many Medicare Advantage and supplemental plans, private insurance companies are offering. In order to extend more coverage than Medicare, you pay both plans. I like to know whats socialist about this. The FEDs even contract private firms to administer the benefits.