Sunday, October 10, 2010

The power of perseverance or something

Yesterday, only four people (myself included) showed up for my weekly flag football game. Which was weird, because we usually get no fewer than eight (and as many as 22), and the weather was absolutely perfect for it.

Nevertheless, those of us who showed up were not going home without having played some football. Among us were Saints, Rams, Chiefs and Dolphins fans, so we all needed something to do.

Two-on-two, one-hand-touch football. It reminded of that time when I was six when my cousin and I played duck-duck-goose by ourselves.

Andy and I battled hard against Jack and Kenny. Well, at least after we fell into a 34-0 hole. Happens when your field is 50 yards long and there are so many turnovers on downs.

But we bounced back in the second half to take a 58-56 lead. This is professional-level football we're talking here. See, kids? Never give up!

Oh, we still lost 80-64. Comebacks work both ways. For my efforts, I got a handsome bruise on my left knee that looks like a game of connect-the-dots. Wanna see? Sure you do.

This is what I do when I'm not writing my book. Oh yeah, there's a book. But that's for later.

CLARIFICATION: The above picture is of my knee, not a bald man's head. Apparently, I have to clarify that. That's the last time I take a Photo Booth picture with my laptop on the floor...


Jenni said...

Good thing Miami had its bye week yesterday, otherwise everyone's team would have lost. The Saints and Chiefs had respectable losses, but the Rams getting beat by the Lions 44-6 only gives me more of an excuse to call them the Crams.

Ian McGibboney said...

I'd argue that the Saints had a respectable loss, but compared to the Rams, perhaps. I was very disappointed to see the Chiefs go down, but at least they put up a fight. One bright spot: the Lions won. I like to see that every now and then. Underdog and all that.

This may be the most wide-open NFL season I've ever seen.

Jester said...

Good lord! That's your left knee? I thought it was the back of some bald guy's head! Glad it wasn't, though... cuz then it'd be rugby :)