Monday, October 18, 2010

Midterm electoral thought

Conventional wisdom is that the Republicans are poised for huge gains in the Senate and could outright take over the House. This is based on something called "the enthusiasm gap." Basically, the GOP and its tea party contingent are fiercely fired up and motivated with pep, vim, vigor, piss and vinegar, while Democrats and progressives have been seen criticizing the Obama administration. A wash, right?

Wrong. What matters is the amount of votes in November. Not how loud one talks, not how much they attract media attention, not dissenting thoughts that are part of an ideologically diverse party. All of that is ultimately immaterial. No one's polled or shone a camera on me, or attempted to dissect my degree of enthusiasm, but my vote will count all the same. And regardless of any hangups I might have with the incumbent party, I still keep the big picture in mind.

I think that's true of most voters right now. And that, more than any honor-restoring, tea-guzzling or country-back-taking, will shine on Election Day.


Tom Alday said...

If wishes were fishes the world would be an ocean.

You gonna lose. It will be glorious.

Ian McGibboney said...

Tom, I only hope for your sake and your family's sake that your political views - and your personal happiness - are not tied to this election and/or how it makes me feel. I'd hate to think you're that unstable and petty.

Tom Alday said...

Ian, you're the one who's emotional well being is tied to elections, we only need to revisit your post-2004 blog post to see that.

*cue whining and sobbing*

Ian McGibboney said...

If you really thought that blog spoke for itself, you wouldn't have to add your own un-cited emphasis and exclamation points to its title. Seriously, man, LET IT GO. Your single-minded obsession with one tossed-off blog is remarkable. It's very interesting to me that you don't care how I've said repeatedly that I'm glad my worst fears were wrong or that there's six years' worth of material surrounding that rant that better exemplifies my writing.

Hell, if I were so inclined, I could have deleted that blog. But would that be fair to the record? No, it would not. Deleting hateful/embarrassing material is your bag, not mine. I can own up to my work, good and bad. What's your excuse, Tom?

I will say this: no matter what happens, don't expect another blog like that come November. I will not be coming from the same place that I (and many, many others) were coming from the night greed, fear and Alday-like pettiness ruled the polls. Conversely, I hope that a GOP-favored night won't being out of you an unhinged gloating over how great it is that your guys won, not because you have any principles, but because you can add an inch to your...scorecard.

Instead, you should stick to the false equivalencies, selective partisan quoting and endless linking of your FAVORITE BLOG OF ALL FUCKING TIME that occasionally gets you two comments over at your blog. Keep on making my points for me, Tom.

Tom Alday said...

I love how it unhinges you every time I bring it up. Love it.

It shows how embarrassed you are by it, as you should be. You whined like a bitch that John fucking Kerry lost, of all people to sperg that hard over.

Oh and I'm sure this November, when your boys (and girls) get beat like they stole something, you'll call everyone a racist, that's all you sad liberals have these days.

NOLA Progressive said...

You do realize Tom that while significant losses are likely, there is absolutely no guarantee that we will lose either house right?

Much as with football or any other issue you are really vested in, smack talking is best left until the results are in.

Also, give up your little mean girl fixation over one effin blog entry dude. His response wasn't just a loss. It was a theft and we all know it. It was frustrating. Ian vented and moved on. Something you should seriously give some consideration.

Tom Alday said...

Wow NOLA, yeah no shit it's no guarantee. I also hear the sky is blue and water is wet. Thanks for chiming in to offer your bland observations that everyone already knows.

"It was a theft and we all know it."

It wasn't theft you fucking crybaby, Kerry was a weak tool that couldn't beat the most maligned President of our time. He was a shit candidate and all this crap about "theft" just shows what sore loser, false entitlement little bitches liberals are. What's next NOLA, 9-11 an inside job?

Ian McGibboney said...

Tom, I'm sure that somewhere in your twisted mind you see yourself as some brave crusader, heroically setting the world straight on my assertions. And that the way to do so is to misrepresent me, attack me and call people fucking crybabies and bitches in lieu of any facts. And that by exposing me as a hypocrite in any way necessary, true or otherwise, you invalidate the entire American left/middle and everything it stands for. And then you win.

This notion exists only in your mind, Tom. You may be the smallest, stupidest person I've ever wasted time on. Like NOLA said, you're showboating on the 5-yard line. Go vote on Election Day and gloat all you want the next day if you must. Until then, you just sound like a douchebag. Like usual.

Tom Alday said...

Aw, wittle Ian is getting mad.

I keep this up and pretty soon you'll start calling me a racist for no reason, I mean, that's what you do isn't it? That's all you got. Fear and smear, the liberal motto!

Oh, I forgot, after election day when your party elders are kicked to the weeds like the garbage they are, you'll call me, and all the people that voted them out "reactionary and dangerous!" and then have the temerity to call other people petty and too emotionally invested in politics.

You gonna lose. It will be glorious.

Anonymous said...

Who in the hell is Tom A. & why is he obsessed with this blog? Dude! Get out of the house sometime.

Ian McGibboney said...

Tom, I haven't seen the likes of you since my middle-school playground. Seriously. Everything you just said is playground-bully talk. There's not one adult thing in it. And sorry, but I'm not mad. That seems to be what you want. It's not even that I don't want to give you the satisfaction; you're just not saying anything that would make me mad. You're just being pathetic. I've long since hardened to playground bullies - after all, I'm 30. You're 33. Time to debate on that level, Tom. You want to make me mad? Justify your position with facts, figures and common sense. In that sense, you haven't made me mad yet.

Tom Alday said...

lol "Anonymous", more like Ianonymous


Oh, I was wondering when you would invoke the liberals favorite new meme of the season, BULLIES!

We're such mean 'ol bullies, blah blah blah

Of course Obama can taunt his opponents with "shut up, I won!" and you get all googly-eyed like Venessa at a Cock n Balls festival, but whatevs, your hypocrisy is well documented.

Ian, don't try to say you aren't mad, you only ever start with the names and ALL CAPS talk when you're mad. I like to bring up your post-2004 blog specifically because I know it pisses you off...well it's funny too the way you whined like a total paranoid bitchwhore in it, but that's besides the point.

I like when you talk about wanting "facts and figures" then make blog posts about how people are racists because they buy ammo for their guns and people that vote against your preferred candidate are "dangerous" (hey, that's bully talk! right?) Only in your world. Your small, hypocritical world.....

Tom Alday said...

Oh, I forgot about your endorsement of Alan Grayson for President. He's the epitome of bully, but hey, guess it's all right when your guy does it.

There's a word for that, right?

Ian McGibboney said...

Tom, if I'm wrong about something, show me where I'm wrong. All you do is taunt, bully and misrepresent, like all cowards do. Should be fish in a barrel if you're correct, and yet, you can't do it. Despite being given literally hundreds of opportunities to do so.

I'll indulge one of your many random tangents because it perfectly summarizes this conversation: Alan Grayson. Forget everything about context, etc. I've said before that 1) my endorsement wasn't an official, serious one; 2) the incident that you have referred to in the past as "bullying" is something he said AFTER I wrote my blog!! You're really trying to get away with that blatantly stupid lie twice?

But even if you are right about the whole Grayson thing, Tom (not that you are)...what does that prove? That because I'm supposedly a hypocrite, that Republicans deserve to be in power? That it removes all doubt that the tea party is in no way racist? That you, Tom Alday, are correct in all your views and Democrats are all wrong in theirs? You'd better hope so, because you don't seem to have any other course thought out.

It's funny how a blog urging restraint and playing up the power of the vote above all else becomes such a breeding ground for right-wing bullying and caterwauling. Don't forget to vote, Tom. It's the only voice you have that anyone will ever care about.

Tom Alday said...

Ian I've shown you to be a hypocrite dozens of times, it's gotten to the point where it's almost easier to point out when you're not being a hypocrite. Proving you wrong is tiring, because you are wrong so often. Whether it's supporting Dennis "Moonbeam" Kucinich for President or calling everyone that disagrees with you a racist it's hard for you to go through a day without some contradiction to an earlier opinion, or flat out hypocrisy. I've brought this up before but you seem to have forgotten you have archives. You can use them too and they might help you have a consistent thought in that pea brain of yours.

As for your preferred Presidential candidate, Alan Grayson, I was more referring to the time he barged into a private meeting and attacked and mocked the private citizens holding that meeting, that's bullying and you're so appalled by it that you wish he was President. Your words. Don't try to shimmy out of them.

As for everything else, I'll just say this. What I say here doesn't matter. It's a game to me, this thing I do here. What matters is that in 2 weeks millions of people will head to the polls and curb stomp your shitastic Democrats face into mush like they deserve for everything they've fucked up since they've been in control (that's since Jan 2007 btw, not Jan 21st 2009). I'll be there with nearly everyone else in the country kicking them into retirement and afterwords I'll stop by here and see how much disdain and hatred you have this time for the American people that dared have ideas different from yours. I'm sure you'll call us all racists, that's all small, pathetic dead-enders like you have.

Btw, regarding your last line. Plenty of people hear my voice, I have a loving family and a wonderful baby on the way. You have a lonely apartment and that bald guy that gives you head. I win.

Ian McGibboney said...

Tom Alday barfed...

Ian I've shown you to be a hypocrite dozens of times, it's gotten to the point where it's almost easier to point out when you're not being a hypocrite. Proving you wrong is tiring, because you are wrong so often. Whether it's supporting Dennis "Moonbeam" Kucinich for President or calling everyone that disagrees with you a racist it's hard for you to go through a day without some contradiction to an earlier opinion, or flat out hypocrisy. I've brought this up before but you seem to have forgotten you have archives. You can use them too and they might help you have a consistent thought in that pea brain of yours.

As for your preferred Presidential candidate, Alan Grayson, I was more referring to the time he barged into a private meeting and attacked and mocked the private citizens holding that meeting, that's bullying and you're so appalled by it that you wish he was President. Your words. Don't try to shimmy out of them.

As for everything else, I'll just say this. What I say here doesn't matter. It's a game to me, this thing I do here. What matters is that in 2 weeks millions of people will head to the polls and curb stomp your shitastic Democrats face into mush like they deserve for everything they've fucked up since they've been in control (that's since Jan 2007 btw, not Jan 21st 2009). I'll be there with nearly everyone else in the country kicking them into retirement and afterwords I'll stop by here and see how much disdain and hatred you have this time for the American people that dared have ideas different from yours. I'm sure you'll call us all racists, that's all small, pathetic dead-enders like you have.

Btw, regarding your last line. Plenty of people hear my voice, I have a loving family and a wonderful baby on the way. You have a lonely apartment and that bald guy that gives you head. I win.

Ian McGibboney said...

So where exactly is this loving family of yours that you have so much time to play this stupid little masturbatory "game" of yours? Does your wife know you harass a total stranger so vociferously on a daily basis? I can't imagine her being impressed by that, but hey, I don't know her or anyone else who loves you. I can only hope you do not act this way in your real-life interactions.

What you say might have some merit if you didn't lie about everything I say. I mean, literally every single thing you say is terrible about me is distorted! You allege every comment slightly nicer than yours is me faking accounts. You say I call you a racist when you're the one who made a lengthy, measured discussion about the tea party's intentions completely personal. (By the way, nice use of "curb-stomping" as a descriptor!) And on and on and on, because you apparently have no life, or this is your life. Either way, it's beyond sad.

And yes, I do have archives. Ammo advantage: Tom. Not that I'd feel it necessary to dig though yours if they were still there. I may be a single guy in an apartment, but I'm a very busy and productive guy.

Tom Alday said...

Yes Ian, I act just this same way in everyday life. Just like I'm sure you call random people you don't know racists, and others dangerous and reactionary. Yes, you got me pegged you ignoramous.

"literally every single thing you say is terrible about me is distorted!"

Ooo, exclamation point...but you're not mad. No sir. You're a hypocrite, you prove it damn near every time you talk. I'm proven this dozens of times, using your own quotes from past blogs and still you deny it. Bullies are bad unless they are Democrat bullies and calling the President names and disliking his policies are great unless it's against a Democrat then it's a threat to democracy. Don't feel bad though, all you pathetic liberals have this character flaw, hypocrisy is essential for any modern liberal.

"a lengthy, measured discussion about the tea party's intentions completely personal. "

Lol, full of yourself? You made a post in which you tarred a large swathe of the population as racist for doing things as innocuous as buying ammo and disliking President Mom Jeans. It wasn't measured. It was a DailyKos rant.

Ian McGibboney said...

Once again, you make weak arguments and back them up with perversions of the truth.

Go to bed, little boy.

Tom Alday said...

Using your own words against you = Perversion of truth!

You're a piece of shit hypocrite. Own it.

Bravo on the "little boy" line though, I was expecting you to yell RACIST! and run off like a bitch, you know, like you usually do.

Ian McGibboney said...

Kind of hard to "run off" from my own blog, huh? Don't forget whose house you're in, bud. You may be King Shit on your turf, but here you're just shit.

I recommend you go bait someone else who will feed your masochistic desires. I don't care enough to do so. I hope you can find the fulfillment you so clearly lack on every single level.

NOLA Progressive said...

Dude, Tom. If no one else will say it, I will. Ian wasn't wrong in discussing racist elements in people buying obscenely huge amounts of ammunition right after a black president was elected to office. Especially one who has never done one single thing that has curtailed the second amendement. Everytime you try and hammer that meme home you are banging your head against the wall chief.

Aside from that, I'm frankly sick of reading about you spouting off about Ian's archives. Anyone with a body of work has an evolution. Firstly, you pervert context and meaning all of the time, and second we have all written or spoken at times where we would revise said speech at a later date. It's called being human.

Frankly, it's those who stick to the same two or three pieces of thought and expression a la Alday who show their utterly ridiculous nature.

Tom Alday said...

"I don't care enough to do so."


/engages in 3 hour flamefest at 2am in the morning, also visits his webpage multiple times daily.

Ian McGibboney said...

I do visit your site from time to time, Tom. Not daily, and I hadn't for a while until a few days ago. But I'm sure you knew that, given that you obsess over your visitor records. I certainly don't spend hours upon hours engaging in a ridiculous flame war all night over there, endlessly perusing archives for anything that proves an utterly useless point.

I thought I was supposed to be the loser here?

NOLA Progressive said...

Since this is a thread about the midterm elections, has anyone seen the debate footage of that total nutjob candidate from Delaware? ODonnel says and I quote, "Where is the separation of church and state in the Constitution?"

Are you fucking kidding me? This is what the Tea Party movement has to put forward? This is what we are supposed to be shaking in our boots over? Give me a break! I mean Rove is a soulless ghoul but at least I respect him as an adversary politically. These freakin grade school dropouts should maybe consider running for some position in their snake handling churches but nothing else.

Tom Alday said...

She's down in the polls by like 20 points. Talk about low hanging fruit.

Let's talk about the multitude of entrenched, decade-long incumbent Democrats that look to have new jobs come January. That will be fun to do.

Oh wait, can't do that, gotta attack the conservative women!

Look, shiny object!

Vilify the "tea party" all you want, your side is still going to get it's ass chewed up by these supposed morons.

NOLA Progressive said...

Actually no they won't. Almost no chance at all. Now some GOP candidates may take our seats but veeeeery few TP candidates have much of a chance.

Now I'm picking on the women? Hey when Sarah freakin Palin is your movement empress get bent pal. Of course we could always discuss Paladino if you'd like....crickets churping.....cue your deflection.

Ian McGibboney said...

Speaking of low-hanging fruit, Tom, I noticed you feature a video of Alvin Greene on your website, asking why no one's making fun of him like they are Sarah Palin or Christine O'Donnell.

The difference is, Greene actually IS low-hanging fruit, not the great hot-ticket hope, of his party.

The closer we get to November, the more I actually think the GOP is losing its edge. Which is good, not because I want to win, but because those people should not be trusted with real, adult offices.

Tom Alday said...


Not sure if you're aware but there is no official "Tea Party" candidate on any ballot, they are all GOP candidates. So yes, the non-existent "Tea Party" certainly won't win many seats, but plenty of GOP candidates will And they'll do it by taking seats from scum like Majority Leader Reid and mush mouth fuck Barney Frank.

Discuss Paladino all you want, I don't care for him.

Oh no we might lose a few seats because of whackos like O' Donnell and Paladino, we'll somehow have to console ourselves with the other 99 or so seats we look to pick up. How will we ever get over the loss...


I make fun of Greene because he's an idiot with no chance of winning. I don't have any allusions that exposing Greene will somehow help Demint win, Demint winning is already a foregone conclusion. You, and other liberals, attack O' Donnell because you think attacking her, despite her already low polling numbers, will somehow vindicate your shitty political party of choice and eeking out a win, no matter how obvious, will make people not declare your party DOA. It won't. So we'll lose Castle's old seat, boo hoo, if you need us we'll be over here celebrating the other 99+ seats we're going to pick up to replace it.

Ian McGibboney said...

Tom, are you denying that the tea party has any bearing on the Republican Party? That's an interesting change of perspective. Seems to render moot the whole racism conversation-esque exchange we've been having, hey?

As for O'Donnell, she and Palin are definitely the darlings of the right. Election results are of secondary concern, because they are bringing out the TB vote (and in Palin's case, they quit office anyway) If they aren't the de facto leaders, who is? Until you can answer that, I have to argue that they remain relevant. Unlike Greene, who is neither a torch-bearer nor a voter catalyst. I actually feel bad for him, because I don't think he's smart. Palin and O'Donnell are incurious. That's far more dangerous.

Mustang Bobby said...

To paraphrase H.L. Mencken, no one ever went broke by exploiting the greed, fear, and paranoia of the American public.

Tom Alday said...

There's a Mencken quote far more appropriate to this election: "Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats."


What is with liberals and your obsession with labeling someone, usually someone who says something they think is horrendous, as the leader of the Republican party? O' Donnell can't even get the national GOP to help her in the campaign, yet she's a "darling"? Whatever. Palin isn't even an elected official, and while she may be the figurehead of the Tea Party, she's not setting policy of even running for any elected office. She talks. She doesn't lead anything.

Michael Steele is the official leader of the party. There, I solved this complex mystery for you.

You can focus all you want on Castle's old seat all you want, most Republicans have already written it and O' Donnell off. We'll take the small loss, it doesn't matter as we'll have 99+ other new seats to enjoy.

NOLA Progressive said...

I'm confused? Karl Rove sure seems to think their are Tea Party candidates? What the hell would he know about the GOP though right?

Also, 99+. I don't ever count my chickens before they've hatched, but that's overly ambitious even for you Tommy boy. 70-80 in a best case landslide is more like it, with the potential for as little as a 20-30 pickup.

Tom Alday said...

That 99 possible seat pickup isn't my projection, it's Politico's

So by all means, keep focusing on O'Donnell. We'll have the last laugh.

Ian McGibboney said...

I'm not even getting into all of the journalistic flaws in that article. I read the whole thing thinking, "define vulnerable." For all I know, that means literally any seat where two or more candidates are running. The article does a poor job of defining that, and its methodologies are also suspect. "Huge sums of money dedicated to Democratic defeat" is actually one of the factors. Scratching my head on that one.

But again, none of that matters. What does is the vote on Election Day. That's always been my point.

NOLA Progressive said...

Exactly. Midterms are usually not kind to the incumbent party, but nothing is set in stone.

That a pretty weak stepping stone to get to a 99 plus seat swing. The article is about as loosley written as it gets.

Tom Alday said...

Yeah, Politico is such a fly-by-night operation, totally unreliable.

*insert giant rolleyes here*

venessalewis said...

Ian, what Tom doesn't realize is that all of his worse qualities will be reflected in his child. If his wife isn't carrying Rosemary's Baby already, give it a few years. For all the bullying Tom does on here, his poor child will be on the receiving end of it tenfold on the playground. Not that I wish that on the poor kid. It's just that we all know Tom himself was picked on mercilessly, which is why he is like he is today. For all his bluster online, he is only the shadow of a man in real life, a sad sack of low self esteem with an ogre's existence. The kid doesn't have a chance. I know we all hope that Tom gets his karma one day. He will, in the form of unbearable sadness that his child is just like him.

Tom Alday said...

Really? Rehashed e-psychoanalysis?

Do you really think attacking my kid is going to get to me? Let me clue you into something, the only thing you know about me is the persona I allow you to see. You people don't even know my real name.

Your attacks are really pathetic and desperate.

Ian McGibboney said...

I trust Politico in general; it's that particular article I take to task. Just like I take all articles involving polls to task. Votes matter, not what some blustery old farts on landlines say to pollsters.

Tom, I'm not going to call your parenting skills into question. I'll bet your kid turns out awesome, whether that's because of you or in spite of you. That's none of my business anyway. I will say, though, that if you claim we don't know your real name, then are your blog, work and Facebook profiles also fake? It's your prerogative if you choose to use a pseudonym and commit to it in such a manner. But it just strikes me a lame bluff for its own sake. And, frankly, pretty dishonest.

venessalewis said...

"Your attacks are really pathetic and desperate."

WOW. Pot, Kettle.

Your real name is Tom Alday. It's on the website of the University you work for, ya retard.

Tom Alday said...

I've gone by Tom since I was 15, it's just easier for people than my legal first name (and no, it's not Thomas).

No, I didn't create a pseudonym just for you, although I could pretty easily.

I'm just using this point to illustrate that Nessie's little psychoanalysis is trite and lame because you people know nothing about me except what I let you know. It's like she's found out I'm having a kid so the last 2 or 3 times she's had to somehow shoe horn it into her slams against me in some lame attempt to elicit some kind of blow up or hurt my feelings. It doesn't work. I can see her moving down the list of the very few personal things she knows about me, trying to find one that will get the response she's craving. First it was the attack against my wife, then she went after my weight, then my website and now she's down to my kid. It's like she's hoping to find the one thing I'm super emotionally invested in to get that 1 burn in that will surely crush my spirits. Sorry, I'm been doing this for a while. She's nothing new or unique to me.

NOLA Progressive said...

I'm not saying Politico is "fly by night" or even and invalid source. I simply stated that the particular piece was loose and further wasn't really even try to state a particular number of seats to be lost. It was aimed at what the broad possibilities are. You chose to use such a source to make assertions with an implied certainty.

I have no desire to discuss your family with you other to than to hope that you are all happy and healthy. Our idealogical differences here are not relevant there, even if we get personal our of anger and frustration from time to time.

Ian McGibboney said...

Tom - Likewise, you don't know anything about any of us that we haven't shared. That has not stopped you from making really mean attacks of your own (i.e., failed journalist, single loser, etc.). I don't condone such attacks against you, but to suggest that we're making these arguments personal is a bit, well, hypocritical.

Tom Alday said...

Actually Ian I know a lot about you that you haven't shared. The web is a wonderful place.

As for "personal attacks" there is a difference, I attack you based on your own words, she desperately attacks my family members once she realized attacks against me had no effect.

Ian McGibboney said...

Tom, I don't doubt you glean as much info about me as possible online. You strike me as exactly that creepy. I'm not too worried, though, because I have to laugh at how inaccurate some of that stuff is.

Why you do it, I have no idea. That's for you and your counselor to figure out. And, no, you don't know me.

Tom Alday said...

hahaha, that's why I do it. Right there.

Ian McGibboney said...

Yeah, OK.

NOLA Progressive said...

Wow, Tom, you really are a creepy guy. Like court mandated counseling creepy.

Tom Alday said...

Nope, I'm just very thorough.

Ian McGibboney said...

Tom, I don't know what you're up to, but I suggest you stop. Seriously. This is not normal behavior. If you have an issue with my views, fine, address them. But to suggest you're collecting all this information about me, and using your expert computer skills to do so, that's crossing a line. One no one else has ever crossed, and certainly hasn't bragged about doing so.

Your words have a lot of people's eyes on you now, Tom. Tread carefully.

Tom Alday said...

I do address your horrible views all the time Ian.

I never even mention anything I know about your personal life because, well, it's kind of boring. I'd rather attack you on your stupid views like wanting Alan Grayson for president and you calling most of America dangerous, reactionary fascists.

If you don't want it to get all personal maybe you should have thought of that before calling me a racist without a shred of proof you fucking asswipe.

Ian McGibboney said...

Collecting personal information on me and implying that it's for some chilling purpose is the behavior of a stalker. Just a compilation of your comments on this blog makes a pretty good case for precisely that, Tom. One that I don't think you can defend with, "but...he disparaged the tea party!"

Tom, I suggest you get some serious sense of perspective, fast. You've got a lot of people keeping eagle eyes on you now, so you might want to rethink this whole pursuit of yours. It's not worth it.

Tom Alday said...

Despite what you liberals want, this is still a free country. Collecting publicly available info about someone for research purposes is not a crime.

And talk about "chilling purpose" the whole "MANY EYES ARE ON YOU TOM BE GOOD" crap is just that, as well as pretty lame and ineffective. As I've said, I've been doing this a while Ian, and not just here.

Don't worry Ian, I never had the desire to post any of your boring, publicly available information. Beating you about the face over your retarded, infantile views is more than satisfying for me.

Next time though, maybe you'll think twice about libeling someone without any proof, asshole.

Ian McGibboney said...

Just what are you "researching," Tom, and why? That, not the fact that public info is available, is what concerns me. After all, you've shown me time and time again that you're all too willing to make every single argument personal and carry a twisted and inexplicable grudge for years. I already know I'm not dealing with a rational human being. I just want to know what the fuck your problem is.

No one turns a political grudge into something this obsessive without severe emotional problems. You have no excuse or justification for making vague threats to someone you don't know and who does nothing to incite you. And suggesting that I hurt your feelings, or pointed out fallacies in your logic and that made you mad, or that I simply have opinions you don't like, is no defense for your actions. And your relentless harassment is certainly not freedom by any metric.

But by all means, keep digging your own hole.

Tom Alday said...

I'm researching liberals that call people racists with no proof. So you can see why you would be front and center, that's your "thing". You wildly throw out accusations about people then get OH SO OFFENDED when they fight back.

Ian McGibboney said...

Well, first off, I don't recall and blog or comment where I said, "Tom Alday is a racist." I do remember saying the tea party has racist overtones, and backing up my argument. I remember you jumping in and acting like I'd libeled you personally, saying I was wrong, but then not even refuting my argument (which I think should be pretty easy).

Instead, your entire rhetorical strategy on that and every other issue is attempted character assassination. Which on top of being a little scary, is just lame. Either defend your stance or get out.

And just who else are you doing this to?

Tom Alday said...

You did. When I had the Obama-as-the-Joker avatar you specifically said it was racist, and by me using it, that I too was racist.

I like how you post blog after blog designed to assassinate the character of people you disagree with by, not even implying, outright calling them racist, then you get all butthurt when someone does the same to you. It plays into the whole hypocrite thing you've got going on.

NOLA Progressive said...

Tom, you are basically stating that because Ian has a political or societal view that he expresses in a blog of his own creation, that you find it necessary or laudable to begin digging up information on him through various public record internet sources.

That is the very defnition of obsessive. Further, the way you state this fact is in an ominous or veiled threat manner. Such as, "I have information on you, so you better watch out."

What's worse is that you justify your behavior by stating that Ian shouldn't state his opinion or should think the next time he does so. That's very angry and aggressive behavior. You also claim that this all stems from back and forth that you had with Ian quite some time ago, which shows a long term pattern of obsession with some perceived slight or injustice that transpired in a blatanlty stated opinion blog. That's just overtly disturbing, and I really think you need to revisit your priorities in life man.

I also, understand that you could care less what I think. Well, at least that will be your response as it is to everyone on here, but people don't spend time on things that they don't care about and that don't concern them.

Tom Alday said...

I always think it's funny when liberals construct a reality that perfectly gels with their pre-conceived opinions and then pat themselves on the back as if they've offered some kind of meaningful insight.

NOLA Progressive said...

Tom, you whacko. This isn't a liberal/conservative thing. This is a deviant behavior versus non-deviant behavior issue.

Tom Alday said...

Ooo tell me more, I never tire of liberals and their overwhelming desire to play armchair psychologist!

NOLA Progressive said...

I see. Well I"m sure you have some heads to stomp at a Rand Paul rally or something, so I'll let you get back to it.

You are a very odd human being.

Tom Alday said...

Ok, go back to polishing Ian's ballsack and we'll talk later.

Ian McGibboney said...

I agree, NOLA. It doesn't take a psychological degree to see that Tom is disturbed on some level. This relentless campaign of his isn't the kind of thing that stems from a discussion on politics, no matter how heated. The sheer persistence of it astounds me. And I guarantee you it started well before Obama was president. But Obama being president accelerated it.

Tom, again, you protest too much. I didn't accuse you of racism, but I did note to you the irony of defending your non-racism when you were using as an avatar the very symbol of tea party racism. And instead of noting the irony, or otherwise justifying your position/avatar by demonstrating an underlying principle that I had not yet torn apart, you became childish and vindictive. Which only reinforced a point I otherwise wasn't sure about.

Tom Alday said...

Yes yes, Heath Ledger's Joker has long been a symbol of racism. But I must have missed the memo when it became the VERY SYMBOL OF TEA PARTY RACISM (duhn DUHN DUHN!!!!!).

Whatever, you, as usual, were flailing about trying to find some way to counter me when you just threw that out there hoping it would change the subject from your GodKing being a walking economic disaster, because that's all you and your pathetic liberal pals have these days.

NOLA Progressive said...

We are pathetic, we are hypocritical, we are whiners, etc, etc.... It is your duty to patrol such pathetic, liberal blogs to point out our hypocrisy and shed light on our radical left-wing agenda.

Basically you are as loathesome of us as you are because we are liberals. So, therefore you loathe us because we are different than you in some way. Anger, resentment, and scorn for someone who is different than you? Hmmm...there is a term for that. I just can't seem to put my finger on it...anyone?

Tom Alday said...

I don't hate you because you're liberals, being liberals is just a symptom of your psychosis. I pity you really.

NOLA Progressive said...

Yes, certainly that is what shows through in all of your commentary, pity.

Tom Alday said...

I follow a "tough pity" philosophy. It's like tough love without the important life lesson for the recipient.

Jester said...

If the GOP does win the majority back, will all of their new blood really swing the country to the Right? There is some evidence to the contrary :(

Jester said...

BTW, Ian, Tom did zing you when he linked to your "There is no God" post, even if you're too proud to admit it :)

NOLA Progressive said...

Jester, we've seen a very large swing such as may happen this year back in the 90's. It wasn't catastrophic and significantly boosted Clinton's numbers locking up his reelection.

Whether this new breed of looney tunes bring in some old GOP blood or not though, they are much more virulent strain of batshit crazy.

I'm holding out hope that early voting statistics are an indicator of Democratic turnout on the 2nd. If that holds true, this won't end up nearly as bad as it could.

Oh and on another note, Tom never zings anyone. He cyber stalks until he can find a piece of inconsistency or evolution of opinion that he can twist around to give the appearance of hypocrisy. That's not clever. It's sad.

Ian McGibboney said...

I agree that, at best, the Republicans are sacrificing long-term credibility for short-term gains. A November landslide would do exactly what NOLA said, once it's clear that winning was the end, not the means, and these people realize they actually have to govern.

If (as I strongly suspect) the Democrats hold their own more than expected, then Obama will be able to enact more measures. That, combined with sustained economic improvements over time and an embattled GOP clawing even more to the far right, will result in the 2012 election making 1984 look like a nail-biter.

As for the zing, not only is it not so, but it's not even a bombshell. Tom has spent at least the last year pushing that link on various threads, since his argument to absolutely every issue is to try to undermine me in ways that even Breitbart would find ridiculous. Tom has been lurking here since 2005, and yet has to reach to before that to attempt to discredit me. That's sad enough, but I'll bet that you can ask any progressive how they felt on election night, and you'll similar or worse reactions. My difference is, I wrote it down and have a rabid character assassin as a reader.

Oh, and the more I read that entry, the more it strikes me as a genuine concern with a few unfortunate phrasings, rather than something that's wholesale embarrassing. And at least it comes from a real place and is free of euphemisms, not like the manufactured disgust and veiled racism of the tea party.

Tom Alday said...

lol I "cyber stalk" a guy by using the comment system on his public blog.


Tom Alday said...

"unfortunate phrasings" aka paranoid ramblings and calling Americans dangerous and reactionary.

Yeah I'd say most "progressives" sounded like you on election night, because you are all unhinged, deranged maniacs about Bush.

NOLA Progressive said...

Just because it's public doesn't mean it can't be used to stalk or harrass.

Phone numbers are often public, and creeps use them all the time to harrass people, intimidate them, and other innappropriate things.

Ian McGibboney said...

And by extremely hateful personal comments that come when I'm moderating comments and you know I won't publish them.

And by posting my workplace info on your blog, and further libeling me as a pothead.

And by saying that you're "doing research" on me, with the implication that I'd better watch my back.

And by accusing me of inventing all of my friends, all the while making up Blogger accounts to post other comments to prove...something or other.

And by gobbling up "ianmcgibboney" and other nicknames of mine on Twitter and other sites so I can't claim them.

And by contributing nothing of substance, ever.

Ian McGibboney said...

Yeah, NOLA, what Tom's defense comes down to is this: "If you didn't want me to harass you, you wouldn't have started a blog or Facebook account or otherwise expressed yourself online in any manner, ever. See what you did to me?"

NOLA Progressive said...

Christ, I wasn't aware of some of those. This dude is like fucking fatal attraction whacked.

Tom Alday said...

"making up Blogger accounts"

Hahaha, what? I'm embarrassed to have to have THIS blogger account to post here. Making even others is hilarious. I said this before you dunce, if I want to attack you I want you to be sure it's from me. I don't need to make up sockpuppets like you do.

"And by gobbling up "ianmcgibboney" and other nicknames of mine on Twitter and other sites so I can't claim them."

As we all know from your 2004 rant, you're very paranoid. This proves it again. I don't even know what you're talking about.

"And by contributing nothing of substance, ever."

Says the guy that called anyone that bought ammo after 1/21/2009 an evil racist.

Tom Alday said...

Ian's complaint comes down to this: "Waahhhh you comment on my blog and I don't like it, quit stalking me!!!!"

It's cool to see you get more flailing and desperate the closer election day gets. I'm really looking forward to how unhinged and whiny you'll be after next week if you're already this bad.

Ian McGibboney said...

Well, Tom, for a couple of years there, every time you dropped a load here, "tjenkins" would also do so, posting very similar comments. And occasionally some one-shotter would post a generic, positive comment, which I'd then allow, which one of you would point to and then go, "Aha! I made that up! Echo chamber!"

Then there was that "Ian McGibboney is a Fucking Idiot" blog, which happened to look and read like your blog at the time. That one linked to my MySpace account, which was presented there as "evidence" that I was a child molester!

That blog was at, which was originally left blank except for words to the effect of, "I'm not using this for anything. I just took it so Ian can never register it."

When I went to open a Twitter account, not only was my name taken (and a false profile pic added), but so were several nicknames I had used over the years, most of which came from the MySpace link on that blog. Also taken was "screamingicon," which was the name I used on Democratic Underground 10 years ago, and you had repeatedly bragged about finding. It's possible I mentioned that account once on this blog, but I had stopped posting on DU long before I started this up. So that took some effort on your part and you were only too happy to take credit.

All of these things happened under the auspices of either you or tjenkins. And given that you both act exactly the same way at the same time, that tjenkins has no profile information and that it's highly unlikely an obscure blogger like me would attract two obsessive cyber-stalkers, I can only deduce that you are both the same person.

Ian McGibboney said...

Also, that ammo stat comes directly from an Associated Press article. Here it is on Fox News of all places:

Tom Alday said...

Man, you are so fucking paranoid it's insane.

Let me spell it out for you again you idiotic fucking douche. I don't make up other identities to come after you. Why would I? It makes no sense when I have my own blog and your comment section to destroy your moronic opinions.

It says a lot about your psychosis that you see everyone that says an unkind word about you as part of some lone conspiracy against you. I don't know if it highlights your liberal elitism more, or your extreme paranoia.

Either way it's funny to watch you try and use anything to not have to discuss the fact that your party is about to be rejected by those DANGEROUS AND REACTIONARY Americans you hate so much.

Tom Alday said...

BTW @screamingicon doesn't exists and @ianmcgibboney has nothing on it but a profile pic of some dude and has apparently been deleted.

If I was stalking you using those dead or nonexistent sites then I'm a pretty bad stalker.

Ian McGibboney said...

Well, it's not just anybody, Tom, it's you. I can't think of anyone else who would do such a thing. And I've long since learned not to read too much sincerity in your words.

You paint yourself as a simple dissenter who proves that I can't take criticism. But you don't make a case for anything except your own smug satisfaction. And it's not any kind of stretch to imagine you deriving pleasure from harassing others.

And I'm not the only one. Many people in my real life have asked me who you are. Because they see what I do.

Ian McGibboney said...

They have all existed at some point.

Tom Alday said...

Lol, you paranoid schmuck. So sad.

NOLA Progressive said...

I always assumed that everyone took for granted that TJenkins and Tom were one and the same. I'm surprised taht he would show any surprise of his own at that fact.

Wordpress is Tom's blogsite of choice as well, so that's at least another correlation. Pin that with his recent somewhat ominous mention of information that he claims he has about you, and I don't think that any of this is paranoid or a stretch at all. Creepy for sure, but not paranoid.

Tom, let me spell something out for you bucko. I and I'm sure Ian concede that fact that there is a better than average possibility that the Democratic party may lose a whole lot of seats this election. I'm not jumping for joy about it, but I'm certainly not going to get all fateful about it either. People are reactionary. People are just plain stupid a lot of the time. That doesn't change the fact that they can still vote, so what the hell are you running around getting your panties in a twist over?

Bush was a really bad president. Most of us reaaaaallllly didn't like him or his policies. This isn't news, and we didn't care for it at all when he was elected and certainly when his was reelected against the will of the majority of the voters in the country. This again isn't new news.

You are such a ridiculous person that you are currently engaged in far more pathetic and denigrating behavior than you "claim" Ian was engaged in whilst writing his entry regarding the Bush victory. You literally spend large amounts of time in an effort just to aggravate someone engaged in expressing his opinions in a blog of his own creation.

What about this can you not get through your thick skull?

Tom Alday said...

First off, I don't have a account, I don't need one as I have a self-hosted website. So Wordpress isn't my "blogsite of choice" you fucking luddite. If I wanted to make a website who's only purpose was to berate your master I would make one using my own domain and hosting, which I pay for, instead of using some limited, free service like Even I have standards.

Secondly, "People are reactionary. People are just plain stupid a lot of the time." Man, you liberals really hate Americans, don't you? Sorry we can't all look past a horrible, Dem-driven economy in the tank and 10%+ unemployment like you dead-enders can.

Obama is polling just about as bad as Bush was after he was in office 4 years, Obama's only been there 2. He sucks, and everyone knows it but you.

NOLA Progressive said...

Now you know good and well that wordpress is a very common editor and production tool used as the dashboard for many sites that are self hosted. Don't play pompous with someone who knows enough to look past your bluster buddy.

You are a self-aggrandizing tool. I don't know about all liberals but there are days when I absolutely can't stand Americans. Americans being a broadly over-generalized term. Meaning the religious right masses who believe the GOP give a rat's ass about them. It's an expression of frustration and disbelief about how crazy of a population we have when around 20% of people in this country believe Obama is the Anti-Christ.

None of this conversation takes away from the fact that you are an obsessive creep who is hanging on to a perceived slight from years ago. Further it's a perceived grudge against someone you've never met, have hardly interacted with on a personal level, and is expressing said opinions in a clearly marked subjective blogsite.

Obama is polling where he is and you are trolling where you are. I'd venture to guess that his situation and polls will change over the next two years. Will yours?

Tom Alday said...

There's a difference between a hosted blog, which you need a account to create and the url would be like and a self hosted Wordpress blog. I have the latter so I have no need for a account. I could go make instead and have complete control over the entire site.

"I absolutely can't stand Americans"

Finally, the truth!

NOLA Progressive said...

You just repeated exactly what I said, and somehow think that is a gotcha statement (with regard to Wordpress that is). I know that, that's why I just said it in the previous comment.

Also, you would do well working for GPS Crossroads or some similar Rovian PAC. You are excellent at picking words out of a complete and clarified statement and twisting them to represent you're own agenda.

Jester said...

It wasn't catastrophic and significantly boosted Clinton's numbers locking up his reelection.

Geez, I was under the impression that it was Ross Perot's ability to split the conservative vote that caused Clinton's reelection (not to mention the fact that Bob Dole was a bad caricature of himself), not because the majority opposed the Newt Gingrich congress.

they are much more virulent strain of batshit crazy

I disagree. Just because someone isn't a full-blown socialist doesn't mean they're virulent or batshit crazy. Geez, man.

As for the zing, not only is it not so, but it's not even a bombshell. Tom has spent at least the last year pushing that link

A good zing is a good zing whether it's been used before or not or whether you like the guy who did it or not. He definitely gotcha on that one whether you like it or not. :)

veiled racism of the tea party

Racism? WTF? Have you ever even been to an actual Tea Party Patriot rally, Ian? I have.

Tom Alday said...

Well NOLA we can go with what I quoted or we can pull the one later in your comment when your bigotry against religious groups shows.

Although, in reality, the truth is probably both. bigot.

@Jester - Don't bother man, both of these tards consider anyone that doesn't blindly worship at the altar of Obama a racist. They think people that buy ammo are racists.They are a lost cause.

Ian McGibboney said...

What I find most telling here is that Tom has not denied any of my allegations, just tried to explain his way around them. Not well, I might add.

NOLA - I get what you're saying about the American public, even if Tom pretends not to. I think he does, though, because he's all too quick to criticize and condemn the majority of the country over their Obama votes. The right as a whole tends to play up the power of the people and the will of the people — that is, until the people vote for progressives; then they're just fools, deceived, etc. See, it's only un-American to criticize Americans when you yourself are un-American, in other words, a liberal.

Obama critics bray all the time about how he makes the masses swoon. So I think it's only fair that we be allowed to make an actually valid parallel about the general public being shaped by fear, under-education, inability to think critically, a narrative-driven news media and a mob mentality. Not because we hate people, but because we hate what we might become.

Jester - Ross Perot had a profound effect in 1992, but not so much in '96. Clinton won a plurality in both elections regardless.

You'll have to convince me Obama is a socialist. Just saying he is and going from there assumes facts not in evidence.

As for tea party racism, I have repeatedly and thoroughly made my case for why I believe racism is a significant element in the movement. You and Tom both pretend that I and others are playing the race card because we have no other arguments. On the contrary, it's because the tea party has so few solid arguments that racism comes into play. Same with the ammo story, which I've already linked above. Talk about lost causes...

Ian McGibboney said...

Oh, and Jester, a zing's effectiveness has a lot to do with the elements of surprise and relevance. Tom hasn't expressed a new thought since the inauguration, so his has neither.

NOLA Progressive said...

Tom, my bigotry against religious groups? You mean the fact that I think that 20% of our population believe that Obama is or may be the antichrist is crazy? Or, did you mean the "religious right masses, who believe that the GOP give a shit about them" comment?

If that's what you’re hanging your bigotry hat on, you need to give it up my man. However, it does a good job at shifting the focus away from what you have said and done as an obsessive harasser and stalker. So Kudos on that one Tom. Are you sure that you aren't maybe related to Rove? You know twice removed or something?

Jester, a zing needs to have just that some zing, some fact that is totally out of left field or previously unearthed, something that holds up under scrutiny. That's the whole idea regardless of who it comes from.

Also, Jester I most certainly have been to a Tea Party Patriot rally. I've been to three of them, in three cities across three states. I've been to one in New Orleans, Mobile, and Tallahassee. Oh and guess what? They were the next best thing to a Klan meeting. Oh sure, the figureheads that were there sent emails out saying that racial comments and signs should not be made. They even discouraged overtly aggressive behavior on any topic, but that just isn't what showed up. Not everyone had an Obama monkey sign, not everyone made outright racist comments like "Go back to Africa", but when someone did it was usually applauded and certainly never discouraged. There is most certainly a strong racist element in the Tea Party.

Alday, as far as worshipping at the altar of Obama goes, that's just one more wonderful incidence of you making a statement without taking into account what the person you choose to label/attack/insult etc... has actually said. You almost never actually say anything ! You just design responses and schemes which you think may aggravate or harass. The bottom line is we would take absolutely no steps such as you have taken regardless of how much we dislike you or disagree with you. No one would ever post your personal information or even bother to look it up in the first place. You take things to a new level all over some ideological slight that you perceive as the result of someone having a different opinion or viewpoint than you do.

Peace Forward Man….you need it.

Tom Alday said...

"Tom has not denied any of my allegations"

You would think reading comprehension would be a requirement of a copy editor, or course you do work for a shitty, low circulation rag, so maybe their standards are pretty low.

"Are you sure that you aren't maybe related to Rove? You know twice removed or something? "

Jeez, you insane fucks can't let go of your boogeyman, can you? Of course I wouldn't think a "Bush stole the election!" nutter would be able to stray too far from his comfort zone. Here's something to put in your conspiracy book NOLA. Rove follows me on Twitter.

"There is most certainly a strong racist element in the Tea Party."

Just to clear something up for you, disliking the President isn't racist. I know you idiots get confused sometimes. I remember going to a anti-Bush rally once and seeing lots of anti-Condi/Powell signs that had some variation of "house nigger" on them, of course I realized that every group has it's few crazies and didn't attribute those racist signs to the whole movement. You and others have no such qualms about mass labeling when it comes to the Tea Party because you're desperate to deflect the narrative away from how horrible things are since Obama and his gang have taken over.

"No one would ever post your personal information or even bother to look it up in the first place."

Bzzzt! wrong. Ian's hag friend Venessa did just that a few months ago, it was all cool when she did it though, right? Liberal hypocrites. Imagine that. Of course the only personal info I've posted, Ian place of work, he's posted about here, so apparently it's not some hush hush secret no one is supposed to know about.

"You take things to a new level all over some ideological slight that you perceive as the result of someone having a different opinion or viewpoint than you do."

Yes, his differing point I have a problem with is his belief that I'm a racist. How dare I get upset over that!

NOLA Progressive said...

Okay my last words to you at least in relation to this are I wasn't aware of anyone posting your personal info. I don't think it is the right thing today. You certainly don't endear yourself to others by doing the same thing first, however.

One or two people don't make a movement racist, but thousands do. Like I've said, I've been there and seen/heard it first hand. You can tell me about your one off experiences with liberals all you want, but it isn't equivalent. Rove is no boogeyman. He is just an excellent example of political manipulation and corruption. He is also very good at no letting any of the facts ever get in the way of any of his arguments. I could name plenty others like this, but it's an easy go to.

You still constantly deflect and name call in order to take the focus off of your incredibly creepy obsession with all posts Ian, with your digging into his information comments, with your at least slightly sinister inflection while doing so, and your general nonsense. No one ever said this stuff was a secret as you imply. However, if you'd clean the shit out of your ears you'd have heard us say that public info can be used abusively. Not to mention the fact that this is what you do with your time is just weird.

Also, I dont' ever remember Ian specifically calling you racist. Nor does your perception of him calling you that justify your assholery.

Tom Alday said...

"You can tell me about your one off experiences with liberals all you want, but it isn't equivalent."

Ah, so your anecdotal evidence trumps my anecdotal evidence. Amazing how that always works out that way for liberals.

"No one ever said this stuff was a secret as you imply."

No, but apparently my repeating something Ian has already disclosed on his own blog is somehow wrong and "abusive". If Ian doesn't want people to know where he works then perhaps he shouldn't post about it on his blog.

"Also, I dont' ever remember Ian specifically calling you racist."

Of course you don't, you're too busy white knighting him like a good little manservant. I already explained when he did and in what context, and he didn't deny doing it. Reap what you sow and all that.

Jester said...

Just saying he is and going from there assumes facts not in evidence.

For weeks now I've been begging you to back up anything you say with sources and/or proof, Ian. Up until now you've repeatedly denied the need to do so, and now you're holding me accountable to do the same.

Maybe this proves Tom right when he claimed you to be a hypocrite in the past. Just sayin'.

Jester said...

Having said that, let's play!

They were the next best thing to a Klan meeting

Any pictures, or proof of this, NOLA, or are you just making it up?

Ross Perot had a profound effect in 1992, but not so much in '96.

Where are your numbers?

Proof, proof, proof. Such a pesky bother...

P.S. I'm sorry I hurt your feelings by approving of Tom's zing against you, Ian. Your repeated, emotionally distressed denials of its effectiveness proves that a good zing not only hurts, but it's a hurt that keeps on hurting if you let it get to you. Perhaps you'd feel better if you chalked it up as a good one and let it go?

Ian McGibboney said...

Tom - I posted my company's website on my blog when linking to work of mine that they published. You linked my work profile on a post on which you called me a pothead, among other things. I guess that's your right, but it's pretty lame of you.

By the way, it's not "a shitty, low-circulation rag." It's got 88,000 print circulation. It's one of the biggest papers in Missouri. And I've actually worked for larger dailies in the past.

NOLA - Apparently, at some point it became bigotry to dislike people for their repellent views. So now it's racism/bigotry to point out and dismiss racists/bigots. And I can understand that, because hatred and pettiness of this magnitude might just be, like with race and sexual orientation, something they can't help.

Jester - Ross Perot received 18.9 percent of the vote in 1992, which split Bush's vote substantially. In 1996, he got 8.4 percent, which was less than the difference between Clinton and Dole (9.5 percent). Is that enough facts for your unbacked statement?

I'm not going to rehash my entire tea party argument in every comment. But I think it definitely holds up to factual scrutiny. At the very least, I made my case rather than hit-and-run blanket insults. And both yours and Tom's responses have always been the very types of glib, hit-and-run remarks that you accuse me of making.

Which is why I respectfully disagree with NOLA on one point - you guys aren't so much like Karl Rove as you are Ann Coulter. Karl Rove is smart. Ann Coulter gets off on playground taunts.

Tom Alday said...

I don't remember calling you a pothead, but it's possible, now prove to me you aren't a pothead!

(btw thats the same line you used against me, I had to prove to you I wasn't a racist)

Ian McGibboney said...

Well, I've never smoked pot even once, but that's neither here nor there. You wrote that I was one with no point, proof or provocation.

On the other hand, I made a case for racism being a major aspect of the tea party movement. You jumped in hyper-defensively and said you weren't racist. Repeatedly. As if I'd said you were racist or were even involved with the tea party! And then I asked you what part of your ideology (apart from the ones I'd already shot down) wasn't motivated by racism. Because I believed you. But you have never offered any firm foundation, and instead constantly whine about how I called you a racist. Just like how you never confirm or deny any accusation against you, instead preferring to weasel around them with insults and mock defensiveness.

Jester said...

Thanks for the numbers, Ian. Sadly, though, I'm out of time for further discussion. Work calls!

Tom Alday said...

"As if I'd said you were racist"

Exact quote from you:

"the stupid Joker caricature you use that's been the eyesore of every tea party gathering. And that sits next to your repeated insistence that nothing about you is racist."

So in closing, fuck you.

Ian McGibboney said...

Oh, you're closing? Promise?

Yeah, I remember saying that. But it's not like that was my blog thesis. That was pretty deep in the comments after you asked what about you could be construed as racist. Because by then, you had made the entire thread about your own persecution.

In fact, quoting it here without a rebuttal actually makes you look worse. Peace out.

Tom Alday said...

Hahaha, trying to weasel out of it and spin it. I expected nothing less.

You got busted you lying fuck. Eat it.

Ian McGibboney said...

I got busted? How? I don't recall denying anything or you proving me wrong about anything.

Seriously, Tom, who besides yourself thinks you're presenting a coherent train of thought, much less winning the debate?

NOLA Progressive said...

That's actually a good point on the Rove/Coulter analogy.

Jester, enough with the numbers/proof crap man. If you need help looking at the election results of Clinton's second election in the age the the Interwebs, you really have no business engaging in this type of discussion. Further, do you have any proof that I am making my Tea Party accounts up? I'm simply expressing firsthands accounts of what I observed. If you doubt my credibility that's on you chief. It is a shame you ran out of time on Ian's discussion and also to provide your own ever-requested proof in the thread related to Democratic motivation for helping the poor.

As for Tom, you have still yet to provide anything that displays Ian calling you a racist. You're quote only displays Ian's observation of the connotation of your avatar at one point. Then you get all nutbag and start cursing as per usual. It also conveniently avoids any discussion of the Fatal Attraction-type behavior you've been up to as well. So after reconsidering Ian's previous though....Keep it up Coulter.

Tom Alday said...

You got busted because you JUST SAID "As if I'd said you were racist" about me, and I quickly provided a quote of you SAYING EXACTLY THAT.

Keep trying to weasel out of it though, it's entertaining.

Tom Alday said...

NOLA, your infatuation with defending Ian's honor is kind of creepy.

Ian McGibboney said...

NOLA - Yeah, I like how Jester always has to go to work once you own him. I remember a commenter on Tom's site years ago actually declare his retirement (!) after I proved a point about Karl Rove that he swore wasn't true. Up until that point, he'd been just as pig-headed as Tom. But once confronted with the facts, he cut and ran.

And I actually think that's one reason Tom makes every thread about him. Because any issue he argues is so easily debunked, that it comes down to this whole subjective name-calling crap.

Tom - When accusing me of calling you racist, it might help to offer up a quote where I actually do that. The one you cite, like many others, is an observation and an invitation to prove that your views do not align with those for whom race is a factor. One, of course, that you never took. And let me be clear — not only did I not accuse you of racism, it was only after you got pre-emptively hyperdefensive about it that I suspected anything at all. So you really dug your own hole by personifying my argument.

NOLA Progressive said...

Again beautiful deflection.

It's simple really though. I read here, and you piss me off. I see a lot of you, whether it be in society or blogsites. I shouldn't let it piss me off, because I realize that is exactly what you want, but it doesn nontheless.

Hence, I point out what I think of your comments and their inconsistencies, such as saying because Ian pointed out that your Avatar is ironic given that you were all bent out of shape about even possibly being perceived as a racist, that he actually did call you a racist.

Then you make a point to just say asshole things for absolutely no reason other than to be a dickhead all the time. You choose to do this in a place where the moderator allows you to say much of what you want even when he doesn't have to. You converse with people who read here, who despite your idiotic past comments, would still hold a digital discourse with you on any number of topics and attempt to keep it civil, if heated, and you still act this way. Not to mention making comments about diggin up information on people, and that those people should think before expressing their opinions.

Ian doesn't need me to defend anything. I'm doing it because I don't care for your crap. So call it whatever you want to deflect from the conversation. Same old same old with you.

Tom Alday said...

"When accusing me of calling you racist, it might help to offer up a quote where I actually do that"

Spin spin spin. I posted the quote of you doing exactly that. Quit trying to act like it never happened.

Ian McGibboney said...

Ah, new avatar. For someone trying so hard to not be racist, you seem to be not trying too hard.

I may have asked you this before, Tom, but if the whiteface isn't meant to be racist, then what is the point? I see that he resembles Heath Ledger's Joker, but why?

In any case, that image has been co-opted in the same sense that the swastika, long associated with beauty, nature and even peace, became a permanent symbol of genocide. Maybe not on the same scale, but also not something worth defending or being proud of.

Tom Alday said...

You still haven't explained how Obama-as-the-Joker is racist. Maybe if he was dancing around like some kind of reverse Al Jolson you might have a point, but as it stands making fun of the iconic "Hope" poster by both calling Obama a joke, and co-opting the image of a popular movie character associated with jokes isn't racist. It's using popular culture to take a jab at a celebrity President that some feel is the embodiment of popular culture, I think it could be construed as some type of ironic statement, that is, if one wasn't reflexively looking to label anyone within ear shot as racist

It's funny, you liberals act as if you've never seen the Joker or understand the association. Of course we all know you do, but you have to find some way to demonize your opponents, lord knows you can't win an election touting Obama's accomplishments!

Tom Alday said...

Oh man at first read I didn't even catch the subtle comparison of the Tea Party to Nazi's.

You are insane.

Ian McGibboney said...

OK, I see it's supposed to be a joke. I'll let the fact that it used to say other things like "socialism" slide.

But for whatever reasons it came to be, it's a loaded symbol, and one that does you no favors in your repeated, fervent denials that you are racist. And it is a symbol that, in my view, is racist in the same way that the Don't Tread on Me snake and the confederate flag are racist symbols. Racism isn't only manifest in direct symbols that say, "I'm racist and I think black people should be hanged."

And again, maybe you're not racist. But the way you switched your avatar back to the controversial symbol during our discussion proves one or all of four things: 1) you really don't care how you come off; 2) your sense of spite is stronger than your conscience; 3) you are, for whatever reason, really attached to that avatar; and 4) you're actually that which you claim so fervently not to be. I'll leave it up to you to decide.

Tom Alday said...

Or there's another option, I feel the opinion of a guy that sees the Gadsden Flag, a former Marine Corp flag btw, as racist is utterly retarded.

So, Tea Partiers are Nazi's and the Marine Corp is racist.

Yep, you're a fucking nutter. No wonder you haven't gotten laid in years and will die alone.

Ian McGibboney said...

Precisely my point about co-opted symbols, Tom. But I will give you credit for being consistent in the notion that nothing ever changes.

Oh, and you must have forgotten to say that my mom wears combat boots. Why don't you go talk to your wife for the first time in three days? Or at least take a piss?

Tom Alday said...

I hope your mom doesn't wear anything associated with the military for fear you would call her a racist.

As for my wife, well, at least I have someone to talk to. That semen-stained stack of Juggs Quarterly on your bedroom floor isn't much for conversation I'd imagine.

Ian McGibboney said...

For someone who claims to know so much about me, you sure aren't versed in my preferred magazines.

Jester said...

This thread is ded. See ya on the newer ones...