Friday, August 13, 2010

Our Saints conversation (Sexy coed version)

"Is Beavers a new guy?"

"He has to be, or we would have made fun of his name before."

"The Saints will be hot this year with Moore, Bush and Beavers."

"What do they call the Patriots cheerleaders? I'd think it was the Patriettes."

"Let me look it up...No, they're the New England Patriots Cheerleaders. Clever."

"Jeremy Shockey shaved himself."

"Beavers just muffed the ball. Fuck!" (Shakes fist)

"Strip, Gay, strip!"

"Well, they didn't quite finish. Nuts."

1 comment:

venessalewis said...

Wait....Shockey shaved himself? My eyebrows raised on that one.