Thursday, August 26, 2010

My entire life story in a nutshell

Over the past few days, parking at my apartment complex has increasingly become a hassle. Two nights ago, I had to park almost halfway across the complex from where I live, which makes for awesome impromptu exercise at 1 a.m. In the almost four years I've lived there, I've only had to do this once before — and that was after an ice storm two years ago.

I harbored two theories for this sudden glut of vehicles: 1) Two weeks ago, workers repaved part of our lot, telling us to park elsewhere in the meantime, and maybe it was another section's turn; 2) My upstairs neighbors are noisy punks who frequently have friends over at all hours of the night.

After talking to management yesterday, I learned that neither is the reason. As it turns out, they've leased the entire complex, something that they'd last done briefly two years ago (during the ice storm era, no less). They told me this very excitedly, and I don't blame them. That means they're good at what they do, and it's job security in their eyes. They're always friendly and helpful when I need them.

But it also means it'll probably be a long while before I don't have to take that long hike to my place when I get home late at night. And as someone who already deals with loads of logistical nightmares from the odd hours I work, I had a hard time mustering up enthusiasm for the complex's newfound popularity. Even if, as I said above, it's genuinely good news.

Ironically, I'm never one to fight for the closest parking space in most situations. I could write a whole other piece on how ridiculous a tendency that is, and what it says about our petty, instant-gratification-obsessed, overly entitled, obese culture (it says a lot). At stores and the like, I often park pretty far away, if only to get some exercise. Home, however, is a different story. It's just annoying to walk a quarter-mile to your place at odd hours when it isn't your choice, and you ultimately have no reason to complain.

Thanks, success!

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rhonda said...

at least the worst thing ever is not mentioned least capable people weren't occupying handicap spaces. that always upsets me. it makes me kind of hope that whoever parked there in the first place falls down in the parking lot and suddenly has the right to be there :-)

sorry though, doll.

holy crap. are you handpicking these captchas? i just got tetses. hahaha