Monday, July 05, 2010

Stuff I found in my closet

I'm currently undertaking the most thorough cleaning of my closet in years. I've lived in my current abode for just over three years, but I'm a terminal pack rat, so some of these boxes date back more than a decade. Here are some of the crazier items I've found so far:

I've had this pack of valentines since high school. And to think I'm still single...

The ER bracelet from my concussion. In "What a Concussion Feels Like," I wrote how I read this bracelet and told them my birthday was wrong, even though nothing resembled it. Well, apparently that was wrong, since my birthdate is as clear as day on the label. It must have been my address I thought was on there. I can't remember (rim shot). But I've changed it on that piece, so let's roll with that revisionist history.

I bought my first vehicle, a 1993 Chevy S-10 pickup truck, for $900 in 1999. The radio, though fully functional, had most of its faceplate ripped out. Additionally, the digital display had been smashed in, several buttons were missing/constantly falling off and the cassette player's slot was cavernous enough for an 8-track tape. To cover up this eyesore, I meticulously cut this piece of paper to fit. As icing on the cake, I made it informative as well as MacGyverish, with a listing of my FM presets. Over the next six years, I went through three or four more of these, each more artistic than the last, as formats changed (stations 2 and 3 above, for example, didn't make it past the Clinton administration), until I finally just went with "RADIO" for the last one. 

For further truck-related reading, check out the owner's manual. Life lessons, friends.

What's remarkable about these wannabe 3-D glasses isn't that they're dated 1986; it's that I caught them at a Mardi Gras parade in 1999. In mint condition. The damage you see here is the result of two moves, years tucked tightly in a box and my general inability to handle collectibles with kid gloves. Vintage unwrapped Transformers wouldn't stand a chance with me.

Referendum 1 was a proposal that would have taken money allotted to UL Lafayette's Vermilion newspaper (for which I was a columnist at the time) and diverted it toward bringing free copies of the local daily newspaper to campus. Not a bad idea, but given that our student paper received a whopping $2 from each student per semester, we weren't too thrilled about how the referendum would tie knots in our frayed shoestrings. The Student Government Association (SGA) placed these cards all over campus. Every chance I got, I'd deface them like this. I also wrote a column urging students to vote it down. The referendum failed, no doubt entirely because of my efforts. And somehow, we wound up getting the free Daily Advertisers anyway. Viva democracy!

My mom gave me this booklet many years ago, her most telling gift since that time she bought me Clearasil. Maybe I should take a break from cleaning the closet and read it, finally.


rhonda said...

it feels so good to leave it all behind.

Nick Istre said...

And to think, your #4 preset on that radio would have been wrong a few months ago (Planet Radio moved to 105.1). There was a strange rumor going around that Rush Limbaugh (or the stations carrying him) wanted 96.5 because it had the best range in the area. I personally have doubts about that though...

I seem to be much of a pack rat, fortunately, except when it comes to old computers it seems. The Gateway I bought in 2000 is now my internet router, and I had an old 486 computer that I got in 1993 or so that I setup as my web and mail server from 2001 to 2005. My old computers tend to get re-purposed into servers and routers at home.

And I still have most of my computer science and math college books. Probably should pack those up somewhere and use that shelf space for something useful...

The most inconsequential item I have kept from my college years is a fortune cookie that I received that proclaimed "You laugh now, wait till you get home."

venessalewis said...

This is fantastic! You most certainly did not disappoint my friend. I felt the need to want to comment after each individual item. Since I couldn't, try to stay with me here.

The are still single clearly because you did not utilize the best valentine available to you...the Dallas Cowboys cutout on the back. Had you cut that out, you'd currently be experiencing wedded bliss with several crib midgets in tow.

I went and read the concussion story, which I apparently missed the first time around. Wow....that does explain alot. (Kidding)!

Radio faceplate: AWESOME. What's even cooler is KSMB is your #1. I love that station. I have it on my presets now but can't always pick it up out in Denham. Which is particularly disappointing when the weekend blastoff is on. I usually wind up hearing Stevie B with occasional Hank Williams fadeovers from a nearby station.

But really...the best part of the blog was the link to your driver's manual blog which I had also missed. That, my friend, made my morning.

Finally I love your mom's unsubtle attempt to offer assistance to you with this Globe Mini Mag. I used to love these little guides that were impulse buys in the checkout line. Next to it were Twenty 20 minute chicken recipes and an Astrology primer....which probably could have been just as useful. Your mom is awesome.