Monday, July 05, 2010

Happy Fifth of July

My Fourth was....interesting.

First, we played our weekly game of flag football. The fireworks flew (sorry). I got decked on both sides of my jaw, skinned both knees and suffered brushburns on my arms and shoulders. Several skirmishes broke out.

Then I went home and cleaned out my closet. It's amazing how much cheap, disposable crap a single human being can possess.

At nightfall, I walked a few blocks to catch a 360-degree panorama of fireworks. My chosen spot was at the very edge of an empty movie-theater parking lot, which overlooks a highway. Spectacular view of the pyrotechnics. About 45 minutes in, the theater's rent-a-security SUV parked a small distance behind me. I stayed put for a while, but eventually moved over about a foot into a patch of dirt next to the pavement. When I did that, the SUV sidled up parallel to me, but pointed in the opposite direction. I finally got creeped out enough to leave. After taking a few steps, I turned around and the vehicle was gone. Midwestern corporate passive-aggressiveness is so endearing.

I then went back to my place and chatted with faraway (and close) friends on Facebook for a few hours.

Doesn't get much more American than all that.

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