Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garrett Morris makes a great point...are you listening?

I don't smoke pot and never have, but I think it should be legalized. Garrett Morris makes a very strong case for legalization, encapsulating pretty much everything I've ever said and more. The video quality itself is grainy and the subtitles could use spellcheck, but that's neither here nor there. Once again, the Saturday Night Live alum and New Orleans native doesn't disappoint.

Anyone familiar with SNL lore knows that Morris had probably the most high-profile freakouts while freebasing cocaine, etc. backstage in the 1970s. These days, he uses medical marijuana to treat issues like the bullet wound he nurses in his back from a 1994 robbery that nearly left him paralyzed. And he remains active in TV, movies and commercials alike, as well as on the comedy circuit. 

But his personal regimen, for the most part, isn't how Morris makes his case. I've said in the past that many pro-legalization arguments are weak because they come down to, "I smoke weed and the cops should leave me alone." Which is fine, but it's preaching to the choir. Morris blames "Reefer Madness," racial connotations in the 1920s and current misinformation for pot's enduring illegality. He cites the legality of alcohol and cigarettes as proof that public peril is not the main driving force behind drug policy. He asserts that, if marijuana was legal, many prescription drugs would simply cease to exist, and that if regulated, pot would be even safer than it is. Oh, and there's the whole tax-revenue windfall.

In saying these things, Garrett might have unintentionally hit on precisely why pot is still illegal and probably will be for some time. Namely, the pharmaceutical lobby. But still, I think there's only so many years that such irrationality will stand up to intellectual scrutiny. Clearer heads will prevail in the end.

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NOLA Progressive said...

Sorry lost my train of thought while I was digging for Doritos and Coke in the pantry :-) No, in all seriousness excellent point. Legalize the shit out of it. Also tax it and help us all out.