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Monday, August 25, 2008

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-- On my way to a service appointment at my car dealership this afternoon, I stopped by my neighborhood car wash. I go there every week, and the place is generally packed. It's called "Washin' to the Oldies," and they play 50s and 60s music to enjoy while you get sudsy. Today all the doors were open and people milled about. I pull in, only to see a flyer covering the buttons:

"We have gone out of business. Thank you for your years of patronage."

Huh? I was here last week! You bastards!

But yes, nothing worked and no music played. And apparently I wasn't the only one surprised, as several would-be washers came in and out looking equally shocked. The automatic wash (which I never use because my car manages to not trip up the sensors) was open and had a gigantic banner advertising a cut-rate cycle. A sad day indeed, as I had started going there after the car wash across the street fleeced me last year and never returned my phone calls. That wash was thriving today. Go figure.

Being me, of course, I grabbed a pen out of my glove compartment and added a little something to the "sorry" sign. Nothing profane, personal or negative, just a way to vent my sadness. It then occurred to me that the place was wired with cameras (as evidenced by the "Smile! You're on camera!" sign with the absurdly happy face). But then I thought, could they even be working anymore? Well, I don't know. And judging by everything else I've seen in Springfield, a little "miss you" message written in ink pen on a piece of paper is hardly anybody's top vandalism priority.

--There seems to be an epidemic in Springfield of businesses completely boarding up their window fronts, yet staying open. Today, it was Smoothie King. "Drive-Thru Open," the board screamed in red spraypaint.

I hate drive-thrus. You can't understand them, they don't understand you, I never seem to line up close enough to the window and there's something about having to idle your engine amid several smoke-belching cars for 20 minutes that's somehow unappealing to me. There's also the fact that everyone else just loves them, which means walk-ins are always treated like we have all day because Mrs. Alpha Soccer Mom needs 15 smoothies RIGHT NOW!

But anyway...I wound up not going. Two sudden, jarring changes to places I like to go in Springfield was enough for one day. They lost my business today, and they'll just have to profit from my, er, free smoothie some other time.

Well, I'm off to the pool now. Assuming that hasn't been covered up by a giant tarp in anticipation of the cooler temperatures that are going to hit in three months.


What I looked like waking up in Louisiana in late 2008.

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