Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Bobby Jesus

When I saw this New York Times photograph of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal...

... I immediately thought of this blog of mine from when Jindal was first elected. Key sarcastic quote:

"I have hope in Savior Jindal. Just as everyone now knows he would have parted the Katrina waters had the voters rightfully fulfilled his God-given destiny in 2003, he is also the answer to all of Louisiana's longstanding political ills."

That's not as hyperbolic as it might sound. Granted, then-Gov. Kathleen Blanco didn't do the best job after Katrina. But in my conversations at the time, it seemed like people really thought the levees wouldn't have broken under Jindal. Sure, the partisan climate of the time (heh) probably would have worked in Jindal's favor in the aftermath of the hurricane, but the spiritual aspect of both Jindal and some of his flock toward him was, and is, somewhat off-putting.

Which is why I was happy to see a friend's take on this photo. The original pic speaks for itself as is, but she added a little extra to it. She had to remove it from her own site for personal reasons, so I'm preserving it here with her permission:

Now if he can walk on the oil or turn it into wine, that would be a miracle. Get on it, governor!


venessalewis said...

It lives!! *Breathing sigh of relief.* Seriously, that is very cool of you.

Oh, you know what else I forgot to tell you about Jindal? He greeted B and I personally on the tarmac when B got back from Iraq. Took some pics, talked to us a while, etc. I tend to get star struck by stuff like that, so I think after that, I gave him a "pass" for a while.

Oh, and get this....the general told us that he used our personal story of "sacrifice" far and wide on the speaking circuit. We witnessed it ourselves at a fundraiser...he didn't even know we were in the audience until we approached him afterwards!! (Long story on why I was at a Republican fundraiser, but rest assured, no money was exchanged). It was kinda cool to know he did that, but then the shine came off of it for me. I started to feel like I was being story was being peddled for a cause I didn't even support. I hate the war, and more to the point, I despise the Republican agenda. I take serious issue with B's service being held up like some example of true patriotism.

Anyway, I am becoming increasingly at odds with his misuse of resources...and cuts to education. More galling however, is his unchecked ambition in hopes of a White House run.

shoot 'em up rox said...

LOL--so funny