Monday, June 07, 2010

Blog rules (relatively speaking)

Welcome to Not Right About Anything. For more than six years now, I’ve been blogging about politics, sports, my own life and many other things that interest me. I don’t do it for profit or out of obligation; it’s more like a calling (though compulsion might be a better way to put it). This site is my primary outlet for expression, rivaled perhaps only by my Facebook statuses. I’ve been writing in some form since I first discovered that crayon scrawls show up really well on walls. If blogging had existed in the 1980s, I’d probably be celebrating my 25th year doing it about now.

So who am I? My name is Ian McGibboney. I am 30 years old (in real time, anyway) and currently live in Springfield, Missouri. I’m a native of Lafayette, Louisiana. I’m not married or dating, but I’m not a loner. I have more education than is good for me. I’m a hardcore fan of the New Orleans Saints. I’ve been a reporter, a columnist, a copy editor, a freelance writer, a sports videographer, an equipment manager for various sports teams, a warehouse worker, a fast-food drone and have swept floors. I also once had a job that involved standing in the street and telling customers the bank’s new drive-through was across the street from the old one. I tend to leave that last one off the résumé for space.

While I use my real name here, I talk relatively little about my personal life. I like to say that those who know me only from this blog have maybe 1 percent of the whole picture. As much I share here, there’s always more. Much more.


I write about whatever I feel like talking about that day. That’s all I ever aim to do. I don’t pretend to be an all-encompassing news source or an advocate. If I took that upon myself, I’d be a nervous wreck; I care about everything. My philosophy is, if I write about what inspires me most, it’ll show in the work and you’ll like it too. If all I have to say is, “This sucks and is depressing,” then I’ll probably pass. Unless that somehow works in and of itself. I break my own rules all the time.

Everything you see here is mine, unless it obviously isn’t. I aim for originality, but occasionally it’s necessary to crib. I try to make it really, really obvious when I’m citing another source, using colorful and/or italicized text, for example. Also, by actually noting/linking said source. And hopefully, it goes without saying that any photos of people such as Barack Obama or Drew Brees were taken by photographers other than myself. As much as it might seem that way, I’m not exactly on the inside here. When I use outside material, it’s so I can say something about it or do something artistic with it. You’re never going to find just a link. That’s boring. I don’t plagiarize for the same reason. Also, because it’s unethical. Sometimes, I might write something similar to something a comedian or pundit has said in the past. Stuff gets under my skin because I read and watch a lot. But I never do it on purpose and it aways reflects how I feel. I can’t help it if great minds think alike.

And I hope it goes without saying that the opinions expressed here are mine alone. I don’t speak for any company or for anyone who isn’t me. No one gets credit for this awesomeness but me.

Other people’s policies

Comments: Say what you want. I welcome intelligent, spirited conversation regardless of political stance. But don’t be surprised if you say something stupid and/or inflammatory and then get ragged for it.

I sometimes moderate comments. This is a direct consequence of Barack Obama being president. But don’t be surprised if you say something stupid and/or inflammatory and I publish it just to make you look accurate.

Press releases: Politely ignored.

Thinking: Strongly encouraged.


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