Saturday, March 06, 2010

SOFA recaps for the past month

Every Sunday, I and a rotating cast of friends play flag football. We've been doing it for more than a year now, and the tradition is to write recaps. I fell far behind on this, but today we catch up. Here’s how our last four games turned out:

1/31: Age (Jack, Jerome, Joe) took on Beauty (Ian, Toy, Kenny). Age wins handily, 86-38. I think 86 was their combined age, too, minus about 30. True, the J-Cubed Age group has also largely played consistently since SOFA’s inception and thus had intense chemistry, whereas we were young and handsome, but really the game came down to a remarkable amount of interceptions by Age. Everybody deserves to grow old gracefully.

2/7: In one of the most bizarre games in SOFA history, Juggernaut (Jack, Trevor, Dave, Kenny, Chad) topped Juggernot (Ian, Caleb, Toy, Jerome), 43-42. What makes it bizarre is that Juggernot, not yet named that at the time, was winning 42-11 at the half. Then came The Trade: Jerome for Trevor. It made sense at the time. Sigh. This is no slight on Trevor, of course; he had a strong game. But DAMN. Well, Jerome certainly wins Player of the Game, Free Agent category.

2/14: I remember making a crude Valentine’s Day joke and that we lost yet again. But it was fun.

2/28: Just as nice weather came back in a big way, so did SOFA after a bye week. It was the week the turnout kept on giving as The Magnificent Seven (Tyree, Travis, Dave, Dustin, Trevor, Jameson, Caleb) topped the Unlucky Seven (Jerome, Ian, Bethany, Jack, Joe, David, Kenny), 78-48.

It started close, as it always does, but only because it doesn’t get closer than 0-0. I believe U-7 actually had the lead at one point, which makes the final score even sadder. It wasn’t from lack of trying, though; M-7 had numerous interceptions and defensive holds (the good-for-them kind, not the flag kind). In particular, Tyree served well at quarterback, throwing pinpoint passes and, on defense, notching a pick-six on Ian’s only throw of the game (figures).

Ultimately, U-7 played well on offense, but was unable to close the deal on most possessions. Also, the defense bent and broke. So, really, M-7, you had little to do with it. Well, having Dustin and Dave scramble and dive like madmen helps. So does having trucks like Tyree and Travis who made the field look like a superhighway. And Caleb is just plain crazy. Trevor scored a TD, too. So maybe you guys did have something to do with it after all.

But U-7 was solid in its own right. I mean, it’s hard to go wrong with that veteran lineup, so we were defying some pretty tough odds in that respect. Everyone played hard as always: Jerome scored some TDs, Ian had two (one of which deflected into his hands in the end zone) and Bethany had one. Actually, I think everybody scored at least once (though the points barely point out to that being possible). Still, Joe ran hard, Jack shined at quarterback and Kenny did his thing on defense.

Did I mention there were a whole lot of people on the field?

Game notes and balls:

Player of the game: Bethany returned to action for the first time since the weather got crummy, so long time no see! She made her mark right away, making dives and hard hits, catching long passes and exploding for a touchdown. She said repeatedly how out-of-shape she was, but we all do that every week. Even the people who do really well. Especially them. Strange how that works.

Channeling Vancouver: Dave made several flag tackles on Jerome that, by all logic, should not have worked and should have allowed Jerome to take it to the house at least twice. Dave’s maneuver involved leaping two or three feet in the air, executing a full 360-degree spin and grabbing Jerome’s flag as Jerome sped by. It was such a deft move that that it didn’t even make a ripping noise. Such grace and timing is rarely seen outside of the ice rink. So if the F in SOFA ever stands for “figure skating,” Dave’s got it covered. Also, he’d make a great pickpocket. Watch your wallets.

Daaaaaaa Bears: Yet another former MSU football alumnus made his SOFA debut this week. Travis is a former offensive lineman who we somehow let team up with Tyree. At this rate, a shutout is a very real possibility in the coming weeks.

Daaaaaaa Chiefs: And yet, when Jameson and David, two Kickapoo High players, came later and asked to play, we split them up. Psssht.

Non-trend of the week: For the second time in four games, a team had 42 points at halftime. But despite Ian’s trash talk (er, friendly reminders), that team didn’t lose embarrassingly this time.

Pete watch: We saw his car drive past twice during the game. Or at least the other guy we sometimes see who drives the same car. Either way, the result was the same.

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