Sunday, March 07, 2010

Let's just all give up now

I read in an online forum this morning that gun-control laws don't work because "criminals don't follow the law!"

Then why have any laws at all?

It's a serious question, because the right's philosophy concerns the need to protect freedoms and warning of the perils of too much regulation. Apparently, laws aren't worth it if there's a possibility criminals might break them. And apparently, the solution to that is to have no laws for the criminal to break. At least as far as guns go. Abortion, marijuana, gay marriage? No Law Left Behind!

To say nothing of the paradox of having no criminals if there are no laws. Who would be the boogeyman then? Well, probably immigrants. But still...

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NOLA Progressive said...

Better yet, following that same line of thought, why are convicted felons not allowed to possess firearms? I mean we already know he or she is a law-breaker, and if all criminals don't follow the law anyway...?