Thursday, March 18, 2010

Apparently I, and this entire blog, hates New Orleans

So I was already having a crummy day when I got this comment on an old post:

Hey, um. Fuck you dude. I'd like to see if you knew what it was like here. how rich the culture is. How amazing the food is. Come say ANY of this written here on this webpage to a real New Orleanian and you'll get you ass kicked. Most likely killed.

Which, of course, puzzled me, because New Orleans is my favorite city ever. A few sore-loser Saints posts aside, I had to wonder what I've written to so arouse the ire of this guy. The comment was on this post, which I consider one of the best I've ever written, and is most definitely not anti-New Orleans. He didn't just miss the point. He missed it about as perfectly as one can miss anything, ever.

I mean, seriously. It doesn't get much more disconnected than this. It's like those lies my brother used to tell when we were kids, the ones so fantastically bad that I almost had to wonder if they were true. Did I really break that lamp that everyone just watched my brother break? Do I, in fact, hate New Orleans?

Well, apparently I do. And I'll refrain from visiting the Big Easy, lest I say all these horrible things I've been saying all these years and get killed for them. Such a violent, inhospitable place! Oops, there I go again!

It's things like this that make me never want to write again, ever.


rhonda said...

don't do that. don't stop writing because someone- i'd bet someone that doesn't even know you- basically missed your whole point. stop if you want to, and stop if you're just not feeling it anymore, but don't stop for the asshats.

NOLA Progressive said...

Not a day goes by when I am not newly amazed by how truly stupid people are.