Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More on that damn billboard

(Alternate title: Moron, that damn billboard)

To answer that question, which judging by its Facebook popularity has plenty of people inexplicably answering in the affirmative, I can only say:

• I'd respond to that with, "There's a better chance a black man will be elected president and the Saints will win the Super Bowl," but those things have happened. So to more accurately convey my unlikelihood of missing George W. Bush, I'll say, "There's a better chance Bush will be regarded as not a failure than that I'll ever miss him."

• The refusal of congressional Republicans and many moderate-conservative Democrats to vote for some of President Obama's sought-after legislation is disappointing, outrageous even. But that doesn't make Obama a failure or make me regret not voting for John McCain. Republican leaders, get over yourselves and create a platform that doesn't entirely bank on obstruction and hoping for failure.

• Just as a flaw in the theory of evolution doesn't automatically validate the Book of Genesis version of Creationism, neither does gridlock in the Obama administration make George W. Bush somehow preferable. OK, maybe that's not the best way to debate that. But you get the idea.

• You know how I (and others) keep accusing the GOP of being childish and almost cartoonishly stupid in just about every way possible? This isn't helping.

• On the other hand, this could be a big, expensive joke, as the picture suggests. But that wouldn't explain its popularity in neoconservative areas such as, say, my hometown.

• On the other, other hand (third hand?), most pictures of Dubya look like this, so it probably isn't so much of a statement.

• This is a stupid question anyway, because it's not like we can bring Bush back even if we wanted to. At the very least, put John McCain up there and say, "Change?" Fewer syllables, more relevant. Do I have to do all the marketing for you guys?

• As much as I hate to admit it, I could conceivably find myself answering yes to this question. For example, if I missed being constantly angry and upset at our government. Or if Sarah Palin became president. In the latter case, I would at least hope that Barack Obama's picture would be there instead. But in all honesty — and, again, as much as I hate to admit it — it would probably work either way in that horrifying case. I'd rather not find out for real.

• As Jerry Seinfeld once said, "You've got to get people to miss you a little bit." Bush would do well to make like Seinfeld and disappear for a decade or so. Comeback entirely optional.


herb said...

I'm trying to grasp the point of this post. It just seems to be a mish mash of liberal grievances set to a 2 week old story as the back drop. Bush is gone dude, find another boogeyman.

The way you guys complain you would think your side was in the minority.

Ian McGibboney said...

I wrote this post precisely because I discovered that it was on display in my hometown, and people were talking a lot about it. I don't think it's an old story at all. And neither is Bush, because we'll be living with his effects for years to come.

Since you're so slow to grab my point (but when have you ever needed it?), here goes: My point is that this billboard gives off an inadvertently idiotic message. "Miss me yet?" seems to suggest that Bush can, or needs to, return to the presidency. Whoever's behind this billboard could have put in John McCain or someone else, made the same point and come off as less ridiculous. And it probably would have seemed less like a possible parody.

I hope that helps. I await your own mishmash of RNC talking points to rebut it.

herb said...

You do realize that sometimes people say stuff in jest right? Or do you really think someone out there believes Bush can be president again?

You really read too much into stuff that is fairly innocuous.

Ian McGibboney said...

You're right, Herb. This could be in jest, because it's about as funny as every other conservative attempt at humor. But that would also make it clever, which would be an absolute first with this group.

herb said...

I'm not surprised you're unable to recognize humor, you have so little of it yourself.

Ian McGibboney said...

I wrote a post on why conservative humor isn't funny several years ago. It comes down to this: Conservatives can't do satire because they revere authority too much (also, because it requires deep introspection and cleverness, which most don't have).

There's also the bully factor. A lot of conservative humor consists of cheap shots toward liberals ("NewsBusters," "1/2 Hour News Hour") and an allegedly humorous inclination toward violence ("An American Carol" is a perfect example of that).

That isn't to say there isn't some good right-leaning humor out there. P.J. O'Rourke. "South Park." Probably something else. This billboard isn't funny. And not because I'm liberal, but because it sucks. It's also poorly timed, in that it reminds us of the GOP's obstructionist efforts that seem designed to make us miss this pathetic president. Good luck with that.

herb said...

You complain that conservative humor takes "cheap shots at liberals", yet you take the same kind of cheap shots at conservatives, so do liberal comedians. I'm just trying to understand why some things seem OK when you or your side does it, but it's wrong when the other side does it.

Ian McGibboney said...

I won't deny that cheap shots come from both sides. However, only the right makes cheap shots their entire scope of humor. Ooh, look how wrinkly Hillary is! Hey, Ted, how about that Mary Jo! Hey, let's poison Pelosi's coffee!

The rest falls under the definition of humor only when the GOP needs to backpedal on something offensive, saying something was "just satire" or a similar sentiment that falls apart with a few seconds of thought.

herb said...

If you really want I could post a list of things far worse than those said by liberal comedians, hell anything Bill Maher has said within the last 6 months beats all those by far, but my point is you complain about "mean jokes" yet do nothing to stem the tide yourself, in fact you contribute to the problem.

It just seems like every single argument you make boils down to "It's OK for me/my party to do but not you/yours" Can you at least recognize the possibility that some of your statement are mired in hypocrisy?

Ian McGibboney said...

I feel like everything I say has at least some truth and value to it. Since your quest is to discredit me, Herb, why don't you start with that? Compile a list of everything I've said in the past few years and tell me where I'm just doing cheap shots. And then - this is important - explain how any of it matters to what I'm arguing. If you can't, don't bother. Even if you discredit me, which you won't, you're still stuck with the point of this post and this thread.

You won't prove this billboard isn't embarrassing to the GOP or that conservative humor is mediocre at best by tearing me down. I I'm so bad, why not be better?

herb said...

"You won't prove this billboard isn't embarrassing to the GOP or that conservative humor is mediocre at best by tearing me down. I I'm so bad, why not be better?"

How am I supposed to disprove what are really just your opinions? I may think your opinions are wrong, but I can't disprove them as they are what you believe.

Does anyone here even understand the difference between opinion and fact? I wonder.

Ian McGibboney said...

For someone who claims you can't refute my opinions, Herb, you sure spend a lot of time trying to pinch pointless holes in everything I say. Guess it beats discussing the issue at hand in any given thread.

NOLA Progressive said...

Herb just doesn't get the point. You were trying to point out the double entendre of the billboard, and he didn't get that. You make a statement that the full scope of Conservative humor is narrow and insult-dependent, and he turns it into an "if you guys do it, we can do it issue".

He is just incapable of separating instances and nuance. He thinks if you are discussing the poor taste or possible interpretations of this sign, that you must be making Bush out to be the "boogeyman". In reality, you don't give two-shits about Bush as much as the impetus and rationale behind the placement of the sign.

herb said...

Ah and Ian's sock puppet chimes in, totally misrepresenting everything I say and steadfastly defending everything Ian says. How utterly convenient you have such a loyal "reader" Ian.

Ian McGibboney said...

Yes, Herb, NOLA chimed in and had something to say about you. You choose to ignore it and take a slap at both of us. This is getting ridiculous, but not particularly unpredictable.

NOLA Progressive said...

Herb, are you implying that Ian and myself are one and the same? That is what it reads like. No only is that immature, but it's ridiculous.

I simply don't like your modus operandi. You lurk around on a blog that you know good and well you aren't going to agree with or even show a modicum of respect. Then you chime in and insult people by saying things like "they are nothing special". You repeatedly want to make everything personal which denigrates the entire coversation into a less beneficial one for all involved.

You can call me sock puppet or whatever you like; it's inconsequential really. The matter of fact is that I enjoy reading Ian's blog as one of many I visit. Some times I dont' read for weeks, and when I come back from a period like that I usually like to participate in the discussion all the more (like now). I'm especially prone to commenting when I see the same old Herb lurking about and being rude without any substative addition to the thread.

Sky Girl said...

I really hope Herb and Ian are golf buddies or something who laugh about this later. Otherwise, Herb, you have a real problem. Hanging out at a blog where you disagree with everyone calling everyone names is a weird hobby. But hey, to each his own. I'm just the loud-mouth none-too-special boring girl who makes you puke in bushes.

Back to the billboard. It's goofy as hell. It's annoying as hell. It's stupid as hell. Ian, you're especially right about one thing. I think I'll really miss Dumya if the scary chick with the crib notes is ever president.

Ian McGibboney said...

For the record, I have no idea who Herb is. It's sad that that even matters.

Sky, how do you make us puke in bushes? Is that a job or something? Tough market.

Sky Girl said...

Not you, Ian. Just Herb. I have no idea. No one else who ever read my blog has every said it made them vomit. Just Herb. No one else has ever called me all those other names, just Herb.

Nevermind about my comment about you all knowing each other. I didn't make my point well. I just meant his behavior of hanging out here insulting people is odd. I was grasping at straws for a reason anyone would do that. Reading a blog you totally disagree with all the time might make sense if you were friends with the blog's author. It was a comment on Herb's habit of insulting people who comment on this blog, from someone who has been insulted by him on this blog, and nothing more.

herb said...

What name, or names, did I call you Sky Girl? Specifics.

Ian McGibboney said...

Well, Herb, you did call Sky Girl's writing "ridiculous" and "fact-deficient" on another thread. Not to mention, "boring" and "trite" and that her "blog and personality bores" you. Oh, and that she's "just another garden-variety blogger with a big mouth and too much free time."

Too easy, Herb. Too easy.

herb said...

But I didn't call her any names, I merely critiqued her work. She made it sound like I was running around calling her derogatory names.

Ian McGibboney said...

Well, that's just splitting hairs, Herb. The point is, you were throwing around insults in lieu of valid discussion. If you wish to criticize, make it constructive.