Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome back, Saints

"Bummer of a game, man. Show me some love."

"Come on Drew...Brenda won't mind!"

"No, Kurt, Kim's watching. And her cameras."

"How about it, huh, Larry?"


Yesterday's Saints-Cardinals game was awesome! Not just for the 45-14 score, but because of what New Orleans showed about itself yesterday:

- With Jeremy Shockey, Jabari Greer, Pierre Thomas, et al. back, it looked like a team we haven't seen in several weeks...if at all. And while Shockey limped a lot, it only seemed to make him more determined.

- The biggest mistake the Cardinals made in the entire game was scoring on the first play. That galvanized the Saints defense like nothing else could have done.

- I don't care what lame Tom Brady rule negated it; Darren Sharper's wicked, acrobatic interception was among his absolute best. It's hard to blame the D for giving up a touchdown after losing that to some lame Tom Brady rule. Thanks, Brady!

- Drew Brees' flea-flicker to Devery Henderson was my favorite play of the game. I love flea-flickers, especially when they're long touchdown bombs like that one. But mainly, I love the way the crowd sounds when they realize that something really cool's about to happen. It's like they cheer in a deeper octave. Man, I want season tickets...

- When Bobby McCray slammed Warner on the Will Smith interception, I was pulling for Warner to get up. After all, he is a human being and a hell of a competitor. Also, Matt Leinart had some life in him, and I couldn't have any of that.

- REGGIE! REGGIE! REGGIE! Where the hell has that been? I credit Deuce McAllister.

- I haven't verified this for sure, but it seems like there are a lot more Louisiana boys and other lifelong Saints fans on this team (Devery Henderson, Randall Gay, Tracy Porter, Deuce McAllister) and others who have made New Orleans as a city their own (Drew Brees, Darren Sharper, Mike McKenzie) than in years past. I think it shows that these players, for whatever other reasons they play in New Orleans, get the bond that fans don't necessarily share with other teams. Which is one of so many reasons why the Saints can, and deserve to, go all the way.

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