Friday, January 29, 2010

Playing horseshoes

"The Saints have an explosive offense and an opportunistic defense. So many weapons on both sides of the ball, it's hard not to root for them, especially in light of what this team means to a still-recovering New Orleans. But, wow, Peyton Manning! Colts win, 56-0." - Every sports analyst

It seems there's a Freudian transferrence of affection among sportscasters from Brett Favre to Peyton Manning. One can only wonder how pornographic sports shows will get if Manning's still playing at 40.

I blame the Saints. It's as if they're incapable of being liked by a lot of people. If (when) they win the Super Bowl, watch for some explosively bitter commentary on par with that currently being spouted by Vikings fans (who have a selective memory with regards to the bizarre calls throughout the entire game against both teams).

You see, the Saints aren't supposed to win. Ever. Because they were bad from 1967-86 and much of the late 1990s, and that directly ties in to the Payton-Brees-Sharper era through some psychic twist I have yet to figure out. The Vikings were supposed to win, dammit, because they had more yards. Yards > points? What is that, metric?

Oh no, I know why. It's because of Brett Favre. The Saints hit him a lot and robbed him of the goal he had with the Vikings in the first place: to win a Super Bowl. Now he just looks like a gunslinging mercenary who's having too much fun to realize how arrogant he comes off. And that's just unfortunate.

To his credit, though, Favre took his lumps and seemed genuinely upset at the end. I don't blame him, and his post-game comments actually had me wondering if everything bad I'd ever said about him was less about him and more about how the media puts him on a pedestal.

Now that I'm seeing the same awe over Peyton Manning by the press, maybe that is in fact the case. Which means Peyton - who I've always liked - might become a source of resentment. I don't want that to happen. It's just one more reason I want to see a Saints win in the Super Bowl - I'm tired of hearing how Manning is going to singlehandedly dismantle my team. Also, I think Drew Brees deserves some respect. It'll never be on the Favre-Manning level of slobber, and it shouldn't be, but neither should Brees be perpetually relegated to the second-class tier of great NFL quarterbacks:

"Yeah, Brees is great, blah blah blah, but Brady and Manning have won the Super Bowl in the past, which makes them better back then."

I'm not out to be vindictive, because like all other Saints fans I have many positive reasons to want my boys to win Super Bowl XLIV. But there seems to be this sentiment that the Colts deserve to win this...just like the Vikings apparently did. And we know how that turned out.

Who Dat! (Registered trademark of nobody)

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