Sunday, January 03, 2010

My decade in life: 2001

January - A girl asks me to kiss her, and I do. This would be the extent of my dating life in 2001.

Jan. 20 - Bush inaugurated president. I miss it because I was at McNeese attending an indoor track meet. This was the same venue where that brawl broke out a year earlier. Learn to avoid McNeese.

Feb. 27 - Spend my whole Mardi Gras - which was the only day I was in town during the festivities - conducting interviews for a class assignment. Decide I hate interviewing people.

March - Briefly rejoin the UL Vermilion as a staff writer. Wrote an article on a local STD clinic. My next assignment is to hang out at the clinic. Sensing this is where my beat is headed, I quit.

April - Create The Screaming Icon, a magazine of political and other satire, for an editing class. Find a purpose in life.

May 8 - My 21st birthday. I don’t remember much about it. And not for any fun reason.

May 31 - Get my first and only fast-food job. Lasts two months, in which time I burn much of my left palm, cut a scar into my left thumb that’s still there and aggravate my back.

July 25 - Last day at that job. Decide I’d rather be poor.

Aug. 2 - One day after an oil change (done by a friend who happened to be working where I went), my truck smokes and stalls in a church parking lot. None of the several guys in the lot offer to help me. Have to limp the rest of the way to the mechanic shop, where they tow it in and make $300 in repairs. Decide this is the worst year ever, and nothing else could possibly top this.

Aug. 16 - Have sciatica surgery on my spine. It was the first surgery of any kind I ever had, and they had to give me a valium/morphine mix just to calm me down enough to give me the anesthesia. Grooooooovy. Hours later, walk without pain for the first time in months. Was totally worth the fact that I could not sit down for two weeks, and that I had to take several bars of soap with me in the shower in case I dropped one.

Aug. 21 - Start the fall semester. Have to stand up at the back of every class for two weeks. At no point in this time did I feel the slightest twinge of self-consciousness.

Sept. 9 - Work a triathlon at the Lafayette airport. Watched planes take off into storm clouds while I chatted with a guy who worked there. Spend the morning thinking how cool it would be to work at an airport.

Sept. 11 - OK, maybe not.

The rest of the year - A lot of tremendously uncomfortable conversations.

I don’t remember much else about 2001, aside from the odd fact that I had maybe three pictures taken that entire year.

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