Monday, December 28, 2009

Louisiana voted happiest state (not even counting the 2009 Saints)

I can understand that. It's got a wonderful cultural mecca in New Orleans and has historically been a point of convergence for multiple cultures from all over the world.

But "happiness" is an arbitrary notion. Some people are happy never doing a meaningful thing in their lives. Others are not happy but live productive lives. Some people are happy because they don't have any other frame of reference. Others have seen too much and are never satisfied. Is one better than the other? It's hard to say.

And who says it's a function of where you live anyway? After all, my apartment in Missouri looks the same as my previous place in Louisiana, with most of the same things and access to the same phone lines and Internet that allow me to keep in contact with the same people. The main difference is less Mardi Gras and fewer mutual Saints fans. Otherwise, it's not that different.

One of my more conservative acquaintances made the observation that the most miserable states were liberal states with higher tax rates. I personally think that's projection, because it's generally conservatives who moan the most about taxes and they always think they pay too much, even if they live in one of the "happy" states.

Still, there are certain tangibles, such as sunshine and quality of life. And, shockingly enough, people who live in states with cheery weather and who are safe, happy and know how to have a good time are happier than those who live in gray, frigid climes and are miserable. And I never met people more willing to drop all personal and political differences in the name of good times than in Louisiana.

Seems like a no-brainer to me.

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