Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Saints 10-0, but somehow still suck

NEW ORLEANS — According to NFL analysts, the New Orleans Saints, one of two 10-0 teams in the NFL, don’t have what it takes to be 10-0.

Off to their best start in franchise history, the Saints have found themselves in the hunt for the one thing which has always eluded the team even in their best years: a whole new way to be completely and utterly dismissed by the experts.

NFL power rankings consistently feature the Saints and the Indianapolis Colts in the top two spots. Commentary generally praises the Colts for pulling off close wins, while questioning how long the Saints can last after blowout victories.

“Drew Brees is a monster quarterback, but it’s too early to put him in the class of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Brett Favre,” said Pat Kirwan of, of the quarterback currently ranked No. 2 overall in the NFL, between Favre and Manning, and three spots above Brady. “And, boy, how about that Brett Favre!”

Kirwan then spent the next 30 minutes talking about Favre.

“Simply put, the Minnesota Vikings would blast the Saints anywhere at any time. Why? Two words: Favre. Peterson,” Kirwan said. “They drive that team to excellence. The Saints are simply too balanced to match that star wattage.”

Former St. Louis Rams head coach Mike Martz, also of, voiced similar concerns about the Saints’ defense.

“And how about that New Orleans defense? They’ve given up 204 points already this season,” Martz said. “Moreover, they’ve completed just 20 interceptions and have scored only seven touchdowns in 2009. The Saints’ defense is, at best, a mediocre offense.”

Will Holt of Bleacher Report is even more blunt: “The Saints suck. They’re the cheapest 10-0 team in history. Their schedule is so easy, I’m pretty sure I saw some Pop Warner teams on there. Who have they played? The Giants? They lost four in a row after the Saints beat them. The Jets slid, too. Every time they’ve played an undefeated team this season, that team has fallen into a severe rut. It’s almost like New Orleans is literally generating losers every time they take the field.

“Name one team that the Saints have played that were better than them. You can’t do it. I rest my case.”

Some sports experts have more faith in the Saints. In its Nov. 16 issue, Sports Illustrated picked the Saints to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl in a glance box placed at the end of a six-page story on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. On the cover of the issue was New Orleans’ favorite golden-boy quarterback — Peyton Manning.

The Big Easy to Overlook

Football fans in New Orleans have endured decades of losing. In this notorious party town, winning has almost always taken a backseat to just letting les bon temps rouler. This combination of laissez-faire attitude and lovable losership has given a rough edge to even the most hard-core Saints fan, who even in the glory years always seems to be waiting for the countdown to collapse.

“I’ve been a fan since the first disappointing loss back in 1967,” said season-ticket holder Jeff Robideaux of Metairie. “And ever since, the Saints have always found a way to lose that keeps me coming back for more. But this year is unbelievable. I can’t believe how bad they are at losing! It’s at epic proportions. Bench Brees! Fire Payton! Who Dat?”

Analyst and native New Orleanian Marshall Faulk, at least, recognizes the Saints’ high-powered offense, its potent defense and the team’s ability to find wins even with several key injuries and huge deficits to overcome.

“New Orleans is the most complete team in the NFL,” Faulk said. “With that in mind, I don’t think it’s too early to forecast a Vikings-Colts Super Bowl.”

Former New Orleans head coach Mike Ditka, now of ESPN, thinks the Saints can run the table. “New Orleans can beat every team on their schedule. But they probably won’t.

“When I coached the Saints, they sucked,” he said, referring to his 1997-99 tenure. “I’ll bet Billy Joe Tolliver doesn’t even show up Monday night.”

And what a Monday night. In less than a week, the unproven 10-0 New Orleans Saints welcome the majestic, dynastic New England Patriots (7-3) to the Superdome in front of a national audience on Monday Night Football. The game is being touted as one of the biggest of the year, particularly because an undefeated season is on the line.

“Any game featuring the Patriots is going to be huge,” Pat Kirwan said. “When you think of perfection, you think of the Patriots.

“They went 16-0 in 2007,” he added.

As for the Saints’ prospects, Kirwan isn’t quite convinced.

“Sure, the Saints have come through every time in the clutch. They’ve won blowouts. They’ve won after overcoming serious deficits. They’ve never relinquished a lead all season. They’ve won with their Pro Bowl starters. They’ve won with their backups. They’ve won on the ground, in the air and on defense, at home and on the road. They’ve won pretty much every way there is to win.

“But still, we don’t know how New Orleans would handle a situation in which they take the lead, relinquish the lead, take the lead again and then find themselves down by five after a safety late in the fourth quarter removes the possibility of getting a game-tying field goal as time winds down. Until that happens, I can’t be sure this 10-0 streak isn’t a fluke.”

Staying humble

For their part, Saints players aren’t letting the attention swell their heads.

Head coach Sean Payton has kept his squad’s feet firmly on the ground since arriving from Dallas in 2006.

“We take it one week at a time and don’t live in the past,” said Payton, who famously buried mementoes of the superb 2006 season in a grave as a physical metaphor in 2007. “Maybe one day, everyone else won’t either.”

The team, much like its home city, is full of colorful characters and inspirational tales of redemption.

Defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove has made occasional Page 2 headlines for his comeback story. After a yearlong ban due to substance abuse and a stint in a halfway house, the defensive tackle has been a force for the Saints. He notched a key turnover against Tampa Bay and scored the game-sealing turnover touchdown against Carolina.

“I remain ever-grateful that the Saints gave me a chance to play,” Hargrove said. “I hope my story serves as an inspiration for others in my situation, as soon as anyone ever hears about it.”

As for quarterback Drew Brees, he isn’t listening to any of the naysayers.

“We’re trying to avoid the hype and just get out there and play the best we can,” Brees said. “It’s pretty easy, actually, the avoid the hype.”

(*-Quotes are not actually those of the analysts listed, though for the most part they've all said very similar things.)


Maitri said...

Without Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre is nothing. If the Saints defense focuses on and succeeds in containing Peterson, they will be fine.

NOLA Progressive said...

Wonderfully, I am off for the week of Thanksgiving. So last Monday following the Saints stomping of Tampa Bay, I got up early with my son and turned on Sports Center. My son is only 8 months old, so I do a lot of sitting on playmats for hours on end with him, and I digested show after show on ESPN.

This is what I found. Over and over again, the Indy Baltiimore game received about 6 minutes of recap and highlights and opinion. Same for the Patriots. The Giants win over the Falcons about 5 minutes. There were talks of how great Peyton is again, and how he is almost a certainty for the league MVP award this year. There was an in depth discussion of the resugrence of Eli Manning with his win over Atlanta, and needless to say there was a parade of fellas lines up to make out with Tom Brady.

The undefeated Saints? Well they definitely gave them some air time. All of 90 seconds, and a discussion of how big a test Brady would be for him Monday night! That's it.

The only up side of this is that when you fly below the radar it's easier to surprise people. The attitude of the team has been to take their lack of recognition and use it to fuel the competitive fire.

It is definitely galling for the fans to see teams who haven't even remotely earned the coverage have it lavished up on them though.

Ian McGibboney said...

Maitri - I've been reading a lot of fan forums this week, and Vikings fans spam a lot of Saints threads with how much better the Vikings are, and how a Saints loss would inflate the Vikings to their rightful place. They like to tout the Vikings' balance, but they almost inevitably attribute said balance to Favre and AP. Which, of course, is the definition of non-balance.

NOLA P- I noticed that too! Part of what prompted this article for me was an video that advertised itself as a who's-better debate between the Colts and Saints. The analysts spent almost the entire time talking about the Colts, and even when the Saints did come up, they continued showing Colts footage, with a Brees TD as an afterthought. I know these things sometimes happen in broadcast, but even so I was thinking, "Is this even a Saints video?"

On the other hand, almost every thread that has so much as a Drew Brees thumbnail pic is almost entirely about the Saints-Pats game. It's what people are excited about. I, too, hope to see a thriller and a Saints win. As you've said, NOLA, the Sants seem to have their heads on straight. Win or loss this week, it'll serve them well in getting deep into the playoffs.

NOLA Progressive said...

And that's it exactly! I know the Pats are a great team with a great coach. I anticipate a very tough game, and I don't necessarily think we will finish this season undefeated. I just resent the "professionals" when they act like they know any better.

Ian McGibboney said...

I don't think we'll finish undefeated either, but only because Payton will sit out his starters once the Saints clinch home-field playoff advantage. At this point, that's the only way I see the Saints coughing one up.

There's no reason the Saints shouldn't stick it to the Patriots. Yes, they're good. They've got rings. So what? The Saints can hang with anybody, and Super Bowl rings mean jack-all in the present. Both Payton and Belichick know this, which is why I'm so pumped up for the game.

Also, I'll be watching with my family (die-hards) in Louisiana. That'll be a sweet change of pace. Also, since moving to Missouri, every time I come back, the Saints win. They're something like 6-0 in that regard. Again, just history. But encouraging.

NOLA Progressive said...

I'll take all of the history-based good mojo I can! My father-in-law and I are jazzed up big time. We have season tickets and are going down hella early to make a day out of it.

With the Vikings winning this evening, it would be tremendously sweet to pull of the W tomorrow night and move to 11-0.

NOLA Progressive said...

Well I think Monday night settled that!!