Sunday, November 01, 2009

Passing thought

The woman behind one religious-conservative blog I occasionally read is currently on a trip to the Grand Canyon, and raving about it. I can dig it; I myself have been there. It lives up to the hype, in my opinion. I do, however, find it interesting that the very existence of the Grand Canyon - as well as its status as a national park - goes against everything for which religious conservatives stand. Ken Burns put it best on The Colbert Report recently, saying that without the national park designation, all of these beautiful natural monuments would have long ago been closed-off developments owned and enjoyed only by the super-rich. Also, the Grand Canyon pretty much disproves creationism by virtue of existing. Do they ever consider these points?

I have the same question about creationist biology students.

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NOLA Progressive said...

It's a testament to how deeply ingrained their ideaology becomes. I find difficulty reconciling a person being intelligent and adhering to such narrow and unfounded viewpoints to support a dogma that is so often destructive.

I understand the need for the morality and structure it provides to society, but perhaps we need to establish something other than the church to provide this to our society. For instance I am reluctant to place my son (when he is of age) into a private school in NOLA because they are all Catholic and/or Protestant based. So much of what these organizations are disseminating lately I have a strong distate or utter dislike for. It's a tough call.