Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not to belabor the point...

Peyton Manning is officially in Tom Brady territory with me.

I can see why people like Peyton, both on and off the field. I do too. I even initially thought after the Colts' comeback win over the Patriots on Sunday night that the Colts might just be the best team in the league right now. But after some more thought, I changed my mind.

Yes, the Saints played a sloppy game against a 1-7 Rams squad. But they played without three of their four starting defensive backs, and kept St. Louis in the game mostly via turnovers. And the Saints, as always, found a way to win. A scary, perilous way, but still a way.

The Colts mounted an impressive comeback over the Patriots long after the game seemed settled. They deserve credit for that. But if Bill Belichick had punted on 4th and 2, all bets would have been off. Even the fluffiest of puff pieces note the Colts' lack of running game. They don't approach the Saints' point totals. Their defense isn't known for its pick-sixes. They are known for going to the Super Bowl three years ago, so that's good, I guess.

Again, though, it's now that matters. And I think the Saints are still the better team, at least for now. Even in their worst games, they're making smart personnel decisions that will benefit them when it counts most. And they're somehow still flying under the hype radar, which is a lot less pressure to deal with. They're grounded.

In any case, I'm watching both teams closely, and hope they can meet in Miami. If both can keep up the rhythm, of course.


NOLA Progressive said...

What steams me more than anything about Brady and Manning is the way that all of the sports casters framed Sunday night's game as the number 1 vs. 2 quarterbacks squaring off.

Really? 1 and 2 huh? I think record, and evaluation of the stats and metrics would bare Brees out to an extremely good case for the 1 spot. Perhaps he's not, but I really fires me up when Collinsworth and Co. act as if it's a forgeone conclusion that Manning is the best and is a lock for the MVP.

There is a lot of football left to be played, and it very well may turn out that way. However, Collinsworth and a lot of others maybe be eating their mics before it is all over with.

Ian McGibboney said...

I heard someone on Monday Night Football say something like, "No one scores more points on defense than the Ravens." Huh?

There's so much Peyton worship going on right now. I get that he's good. But Sports Illustrated doesn't even pick the Colts to go to the Super Bowl, and yet he's their cover guy and his greatness is their cover story.

It's almost as if Drew Brees and the Saints don't exist, no matter how high they rank in most categories. The conversations I've had here are about how bad the Saints are after their showing against the Rams. I hope the Saints win it all, especially because I'm sick of the attitude that the Saints are just counting down to collapse, while the Colts will eventually regain their rightful spot at No. 1 because they won a lame Super Bowl three years ago or something.

NOLA Progressive said...