Saturday, November 21, 2009

Flag football recap, 11/15

Here are the notes I have for the Nov. 15 SOFA game:

“50-40 half
91-90 final (FG)”

The rest of the notebook is waterlogged, because it was a wet one. Hoo boy.

I aired out the flags for several days after. On Friday night, I put them in my car. An hour later, my car smelled like death. Always the mark of good, down-and-dirty football game.

The Sopping Wet Saps (Tyree, Emily, Kenny, Jack) edged out the Dripping Wet Drips (Ian, Sam, Jerome, Stephanie), 91-90, once again with a last-play score. If you want know who scored, see the names above. They did. Pretty much everyone had a killer day. And an emotional one too. Rain and loud winds can do that.

The final score was a masterstroke of effective clock management, as Jack ran the ball out of bounds with two seconds left. This allowed Tyree enough time to chuck the game-winning field goal.

By then, Stephanie had already left. Again. The rain peaked shortly after her departure, so in this case her quitter attitude kind of makes sense. Kind of. SWS chose not to rotate players in and out to make up for the discrepancy. Which really means they should have won a lot better than this.

Game Balls:

Best sport: Kenny. At halftime, the Saints-Rams game (nearing its end) was in full tossup mode. Ian said, “I can’t believe the Saints are gonna lose to the worst team in the league!” Kenny said, “The Rams are my team. I grew up with them.” Sorry, Kenny. I know you wouldn’t have said that if the tables were turned. I have no class. But like I said later, the Rams did in fact play a very good game.

Most uncomfortable way to play: With an inch-thick stopwatch and its big steel clip in the pocket of your soaked-through beach shorts. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Scariest firsthand lesson in conduction: The Kickapoo High external power outlet is protected enough to not shock one dead when unplugging a radio surrounded by rain and wet notebooks.

Miracle of the week: Despite my dropping two CDs and two cassettes into a puddle of water, no permanent damage was incurred, even to the paper inserts, which did get wet.

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