Friday, November 20, 2009

Confidential to the millionaire heir I talked to yesterday

Don't insist my politics are based on jealousy over how much money you make.

"Make." Huh. That's a joke! You say you work, and I'm sure you do, but let's face it - you inherited a fortune. All this talk about just providing for your family - and your sneering declaration that I'll understand someday - only hurts your cause.

And what is that cause? Why, lower taxes, of course. Apparently, I'm supposed to sympathize with your horrible plight. How dare Uncle Sam taxes your precious gift! After all, your daddy (or whoever) already paid taxes on that money. I'll avoid the tax-dodge nitpicks and assume he actually did. So? It's your money now! It's not double-taxation for that very reason. If someone leaves me a car, I have to pay a gift tax on it. Yes, even though the previous owner paid all applicable taxes as well. It's just how the system works. That's America.

Yes, America - you know, the nation whose economic system enabled you to amass such a fortune in the first place. Like it or not, you do owe society. We all do; that's why it's called society. You might think it's all about about the bootstraps (or, in your case, coattails), but there's no way you would survive without the same government works and protections that we all enjoy. Paying your fair share is not socialism; it's an act of citizenship. And, yes, you are a citizen, no matter how much more fun it is for you to sit atop your perch and point at the little people.

I don't want to tear you down. But I also ask that you don't tear the rest of us down. As it is, you're on thin ice lecturing me on the value of hard work. I know the value of hard work. But I'm not sure you do. If you did, it might go a long way toward erasing your unjustifiably superior attitude - an attitude which, by the way, makes me glad to be among those who work hard and appreciate that which I've earned and which I've been given.

I'll take that over your attitude any day. Thank you for the reminder.


Tom Alday said...

Anyone that has money doesn't work hard, inherited it all and is an all around asshole. The only liberal-built stereotype you failed to mention was he was a bible thumping christian or something.

I'm almost positive this "conversation" never even happened and you just wanted to rage out and prove that you're just like every other liberal on the internet.

Ian McGibboney said...

Tom, how did I know you would would twist my words and liberal-bash?

Oh, because you're a one-dimensional douchebag.

Tom Alday said...

I'm just this is hilariously convenient how you just HAPPENED to talk to some millionaire that just HAPPENED to lecture you about something you and him would have diametrically opposed opinions about. Because, you know, millionaires have nothing better to do then sit around and talk to newspaper copy editors about financial matters.

This would be like me posting a blog about how I HAPPENED to talk to a dirty hippie wearing a Che Guevera shirt with a well thumbed copy of Mao's Little Red Book hanging of his back pocket while he preached to me about how misunderstood Al-Queda is.

It's just so ludicrously a convenient setup for you that it HAS to be fictitious.

Ian McGibboney said...

Tom, it was a real conversation. I could have made the same point without concocting some elaborate backstory, especially one that would get me in trouble with your Truth Squad were you somehow to prove it wrong. Do you even think this shit through?

Maybe it does seem a little too perfect, but really, it's not THAT hard to find an heir who turns every issue into a screed on why they should enjoy their money with no obligations. That's what this person was doing - they came out swinging with bluster, which I thought was unfounded until three people (who had my side in this online convo between friends) noted that the person had, in fact, inherited $2 million.

You are right in one respect, Tom: it is hard to distinguish this person from hundreds of others like them in south Louisiana who either look down on the little people out of wealth or who do the same thing from a poor vantage, strictly out of the notion that they too will be rich someday.

Money isn't bad. Lack of compassion is.

Tom Alday said...

A little late in response, I've been busy

Ian McGibboney said...

I imagine you have been busy. It shows.

I hope everyone who reads this checks out your link, just so they can see what a pathetic, sad, desperate, libelous pundit you are.

Tom Alday said...

Pot. Kettle

Ian McGibboney said...

If I'm so bad, Tom, then why not be better than me? All you know how to do is mock, provoke and ridicule. You have nothing constructive to say, and nothing truthful either. You can't debate on merits and you refuse to believe anything other than your own self-puffing demagoguery (i.e., that I made up this whole thing). Again, it doesn't make sense for me to make up this conversation. It happened, and it inspired me to write this. Kind of how I am your No. 1 source for your reactionary bile that you pass off as discourse.

Go back to your Craphole.

Tom Alday said...

You can dish out all the criticism you can muster when it comes to Republicans, but heaven forbid someone hit you with some of it back, you curl up in the corner rocking babbling about people being mean.

That's why I attack and mock you Ian. I hate hypocrites.

Ian McGibboney said...

If that's your goal, Tom, then show me where I am wrong, or omitted some examples and why that omission is important. You know, dissect the ideas. Think.

Your M.O. is to say, "Ian is a hypocrite/coward/douchebag/etc. He hates the troops, smokes weed and wants to live off your tax money. Here's some personal info about where he works." That, Tom, is not only irresponsible and libelous but tests the very boundaries of free speech. It's the online equivalent of bullying, and stems from the same insecurity. After all, if you had anything of merit to argue, you wouldn't have to resort to trying to ruin my reputation.

You don't see me writing blog after rambling blog about you, do I? No. I have much better things to write about, things with substance. Substance you apparently can't counter. And that's just sad.

Tom Alday said...

Ian, your very attitude in this comment exposes your hypocrisy. You attack Republicans and conservatives for every little thing, yet when I do the same thing to you you shit your pants and act as if I'm murdering your dog. You can dish out the heat, but you can't take it. You demand people act a certain way, yet totally disregard that way when posting. It's hypocrisy Ian, you reek of it.

"ruin [your] reputation"? Do I scare you that much? Pretty good for a "pathetic, sad, desperate, libelous pundit". And Ian, don't flatter yourself, out of 70+ posts a total of 3 concern you. I know liberals like you think the world revolves around you, but it doesn't.

I will keep writing about you when I feel the need to call out your bullshit, sorry to burst your bubble but not everyone agrees with everything you say. Most people learned this early in life, seems you missed out on that lesson.

Ian McGibboney said...

I attack conservatives through their ideas. Your reaction is to me, not to what I say. Those three posts you talk about are among the longest and (on occasion) the most-commented on your blog. Anyway, quantity doesn't matter; what does matter is that you always fail to articulate an opinion that isn't steeped largely in insults and condescending language. And the saddest part is, you paint yourself as some noble crusader for the truth. Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back, Tom.

I can stand - hell, enjoy - passionate, substantive debate. What you do is not that. You are abusive and my refusal to roll with it is seen by you as shitting my pants. Don't flatter yourself. I'm not. To me, it's more like a train wreck.

There are plenty of instances throughout this blog where I have a decent give-and-take with those I disagree with. Somehow, those posts never involve you or any of your nameless cohorts.

venessalewis said...

Wait, this sounds eerily familiar and I don't know how I missed it earlier. Wasn't this a mutual thread we were in in which "B" was the antagonist here? If so, Tom, I can assure you, he isn't fabricating the millionaire story.

Ian McGibboney said...

Yes, yes it is.