Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Why the Saints are winning (and how to keep them winning)

I have a Reggie Bush jersey that I received as a Christmas present in 2006. Here's a picture of me wearing it during a football game:

The Saints have never won a game on days in which I wore this jersey. Case in point: the above picture was taken on the early afternoon of Oct. 18, 2008, when the Panthers trounced the Saints 30-7. It took a few miserable losses before I realized this connection.

Throughout this season, I have left the jersey on a coat hanger in my closet. But this past week, I wore the jersey on a weekday. That night, I threw it in my laundry basket. Fast forward to Sunday: I play in my weekly flag football game and get home in time to see the Saints-Jets game on CBS (finally, a Saints game in the Midwest market!!). The first play I see is a long gain by Pierre Thomas, followed by the Packers' impressive goal-line stand, then Will Smith's sack of Mark Sanchez that led to Remi Ayodele's touchdown recovery. Then, a lot of frustration, culminating in Bush's costly fumble.

It was then that I realized I had just washed my Bush jersey, and that it lay crumpled on my table. Remembering the pox, I quickly hung it up in the same place in my closet where it had been hanging for the past few weeks. The Saints then rumbled to the win against the Airplanes.

So, as Michael Jackson used to say, I'm keeping it in the closet. And keeping my Aaron Neville "Who Dat" record on my turntable. That too has helped a ton.


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NOLA Progressive said...

Please. For the love of all that is holy and sacred in this world....DO NOT MOVE THAT JERSEY FROM ITS HANGER!!!