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SOFA recap, 9/27/09

(Note: By popular participant demand, I post a recap of our flag football game from two weeks ago. I'm late with last week's too, but will post it Saturday. Can't wait to get a computer so I can do this whenever I please!)

SOFA snapped its extended series of blowouts with a 78-74 matchup that came down to the last play. Finally, some suspense!

Rarely is a football game played on two different fields, but that’s what makes us special. The Kickapoo High School Chiefs needed to get a leg up on practice for their Thursday game, so they commandeered the field at halftime, after having watched us for a few plays. The Chiefs wound up crushing crosstown rival Glendale, 28-7, so clearly they learned something from us.

Brick House (Jack, Tyree, Ian, Emily and Nathan) got an early jump on Revolving Door (rotating cast of Jeff, Sam, Leann, Kenny, Blue and Joe) with a pair of Jack touchdowns. RD answered back with SOFA rookie Leann’s first-ever score. Not to be outdone, Ian scored for BH and Jack made like Al Bundy and scored two more touchdowns in quick succession. Emily punched one in for BH, as did Kenny and Blue for RD.

By halftime, Revolving Door had closed a substantial deficit to 46-38. But Brick House had built (sorry) a comfortable cushion by then.

The second half was more of a shootout, thanks in part to an improvised gridiron on the Kickapoo soccer field that may or may not have been polygon-shaped. This resulted in several players (but mostly Ian) making outstanding flag tackles deep in the end zone, and/or thinking a team scored only to discover they weren’t even close.

A long string of back-and-forth scoring snapped in the second half when Tyree threw a pass that bounced off Ian’s left forearm and into Sam’s hands for an impressive pick-six. Not long afterward, Ian rectified the play with a field-length TD run augmented by a hesitation-and-juke that Tyree later called “NCAA-ish.” After scoring, Ian felt a burning pain in his stomach that illustrated how many years he had left before he could step up to college athletics.

Revolving Door had a chance to take a comfortable lead late in the game, running three consecutive goal-line plays after a long gain. But Brick House subdued them to the last play, stifling a 4th-down reverse to stay in the game.

With the score Brick House 78, Revolving Door 74, RD had one final series to traverse the field and take it home. But BH once again held their ground and made incompletions of a potentially explosive passing game. A strong effort all around, the likes of which will hopefully continue for quite some time.

Game notes:

* Player of the game: Leann. Not only was she a newcomer to SOFA, but she said before the game that she had never played football. She proved this by scoring four touchdowns and nabbing a monster interception that, due only to a penalty, wasn’t a fifth. She was also aggressive on defense, notching at least one bona fide tackle. She credited the full-contact moment to her volleyball days. I do not want to play volleyball against her.

* With the exception of Joe, every player scored at least one touchdown, and most notched two or more. Joe did, however, throw several touchdown passes.

* Emily recorded about 47 first downs for Brick House. Impressive though this is, it might not even be her all-time best.

* Ian and Tyree both ran kickoffs for touchdowns for the second consecutive game. Tyree credited “great blocks by Nathan, Emily, Ian and Jack” for his ability to explode. Teamwork!

* Tyree expressed satisfaction with his play Sunday, praising his efficiency as well as his team’s. It’s good to see Tyree pleased with his play. At least half the field is similarly pleased on a weekly basis.

* One Brick House score involved Ian pitching to Jack, who then flicked the ball to Nathan. Or was it Tyree? I can’t remember, but it was a sweet TD.

* Jeff, Kenny and Blue were tough to cover, as was any combination of the three.

* PATs were neither team’s strong point. In other shocking news, the sky is blue.

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