Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize outrages people who hate the Nobel Peace Prize

Usually, when a Democratic president or politician wins the Nobel Peace Prize, Republicans dismiss it as a meaningless honor from a pretentious foreign body. That is, when they aren't shrieking about how unfair/political/preposterous/horrifying it is that such a prestigious honor went to someone so undeserving/agendariffic/not like them.

And they have a point. Why, just this morning, one of my conservative friends made a compelling case for why Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng should win the coveted award. I told my friend he was crazy. Not because Wei Jingsheng hasn't made strides for a more open China, but because this conversation totally didn't happen and he was just hating on Barack Obama.

When George W. Bush was nominated in 2002, it was for...hold on, have to pick up my jaw..."for fighting terrorism and promoting world peace." Granted, this isn't the same as Obama being nominated in his first few days as president (the nomination deadline was Feb. 1). But both nominations point to what should be painfully obvious: the Nobel Peace Prize is political. And Obama's win at such an early stage in his game makes that even more clear than usual. Love him or hate him, Obama basically won the prize for Not Being Bush. And that says as much about Bush as it does about the Nobel committee and Obama himself.

Hopefully, Obama will rise to the standards that the award has bestowed upon him. It's up to him now to prove that he deserves the medal, not just for Not Being Bush, but for being a true leader of peace in this world.

I'm confident he will.


rhonda said...

...again, sometimes it's like you just KNOW exactly what to say! when one angry contrarian/conservative on my friends' list actually expressed a desire to DIE over the "embarassment" of barack obama winning the nobel peace prize, it took everything i had not to tell him that his bush practically handed it to him on january 20th...that, and to just kill himself if that was his biggest problem.

Tony Wiggins said...

I hope you're right because I have a sick feeling that this guy isn't what everyone thinks he is. I hope he proves me wrong. I just can't shake the feeling that he has another agenda.

NOLA Progressive said...

I think we will see quite a few things accomplished that live up to the billing this Nobel Prize has given him. However, I think in the end we will see a very "Clinton-like" result. That is to say light years beyond what Bush, his father, and Reagan have left us with, but a truly Progressive agenda I'm not so sure.