Thursday, October 01, 2009

All apologies should be like Grayson's

Rule #139: Vie quickly
Alan Grayson should run for president in 2016. Because if President Obama and the Democrats clone his backbone, there'll be no need for Grayson to run in 2012.

Rule #140: Ya betcha best-seller
Now that Sarah Palin is set to release her new autobiography, "Going Rogue," in November, somebody has to explain to her the meaning of "rogue." Ghadafi and Ahmadinejad know a thing or two about it. And, dear God, no audiobook version...unless it's Morgan Freeman or Barack Obama as narrator. Then I'll buy 29 copies.

Rule #141: Gold meddle
Those who object to Obama lobbying for the Olympics in Denmark (in other words, claim he's wasting time) have to stop being the same people who think he's working hard to destroy this nation. Pick your false outrage and stick to it.

There's a lot of predictable outrage going around regarding Obama's Olympic trip, as if it's a frivoulous distraction from more pressing matters, like getting health reform not passed. Or, even better, that this trip is the reason Obama is not on the front lines in Afghanistan. Apparently, the only international affairs worth a president's time are those that involve threats and destruction.

This trip is not a vacation. And even if it was, the accusation that Obama's screwing around rings hollow from those who never made a peep about Bush spending one-third of his presidency on vacation — real vacation, as in, playing golf and clearing brush during times of catastrophe. Obama's "vacations" involve trying to get the world back on our side and clearing up Bush's rotten brush. The Olympics, being the ultimate symbol of international cooperation, is a pretty good start.

But I'm probably wasting time justifying this trip. Because if it wasn't this, it would be something else to feed the anti-Obama reactionaries. Maybe while he's in Denmark, Obama could lobby to add irrational hatred as an event. We're No. 1! We're No. 1!!

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Nick Istre said...

RE: Rule #141: Well, just imagine the calls of "He doesn't care about America's place in the world/He threw Chicago under the bus" if he didn't take this trip...

NOLA Progressive said...

I've literally given up even adressing the "outrage du jour". You're absolutely right when you say if it wasn't this then it would be something else.

Obama could singlehandedly attack every oppressive nation in the world, eradicate all dictators and their regimes, while spreading uncontested democracy aplenty, and people would rally to protest him not wearing a lapel pin while he did it.

The jackasses are vocal and ignorant. I've finally accepted that, and just ignore them for the most part now. The more silent majority has been speaking at the polls lately, so I can deal.

Nick Istre said...

Looks like Daniel Larison mentioned what I said, along with some other stuff related to the Chicago Olympic bid much more eloquently than I can.

Actually, I don't know if you read him regularly, but I find that Daniel Larison has been the closest to a "sane conservative" that you have been looking for in the past, though he tends to focus more on foreign policy than domestic issues. The rest of the American Conservative magazine is hit-or-miss (it *is* a Pat Buchanan co-founded magazine), but it usually stays out of the extreme crazy conservative circles (though it still enduces eye-rolls out of me at times...)