Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Pretty serious setback

Yesterday, immediately after the publishing of my previous blog, my laptop folded for the last time. Cause of death: an apparently unbeatable spyware-induced Trojan horse virus, exacerbated by years of declining performance and physical deterioration. Also, my fist.

Figures. Several months ago, my mom offered me several hundred dollars for the express purpose of buying a new computer. I declined, saying I didn't need one (I'm famously frugal: this 2004 Averatec laptop was a secondhand gift I got in 2006, and was literally splitting apart at the seams). I instead used some of the money for more immediate needs and returned the rest. More recently, I spent most of the past two weeks with a fully functional laptop and not blogging. And just when I had several blogs ready to go, BAM! Again, figures.

I think I can still salvage some of my files, but my laptop's a mostly useless blob in its current form. It had a fine run. But its demise leaves me in an uncertain situation regarding my Internet needs. Every new computer I've checked out so far is well beyond my price range at the moment, and public labs aren't particularly convenient. Employers generally frown on blogging on company time, so there goes that plan. I don't want to vanish altogether, though, so I'll have to figure something out.

I'm just too much like MacGyver not to.


Tom Alday said...

So you have a malware problem and you think your laptop is done? You know you can just format it if need be. I fix shitty, disease ridden computers all day, if it's only a software problem, it's salvageable.

Ian McGibboney said...

Tom, it's not just that. I've gotten rid of these infections before. It was a lot of things simultaneously. It's just to a point where fixing the computer is becoming more frequent than not fixing it, and that's when I cut my losses and bail.

Anyway, as I said, the laptop was given to me several years ago. All frugality aside, I've needed a new machine for a while now.

Tom Alday said...

I'm just saying, unless the computer has failing hardware it's salvageable. A flatten and reinstall will fix any software issue you have. Swing through northern Atlanta and I'll fix it up for you, if that's too far a drive you can always sell it to Cash4Laptops.com, I've used them and they're reputable. You'll at least get a few bucks towards it's replacement.

Hathor said...

You should get a whole lot around S400. If you are not number crunching or compiling software, you should be good to go.