Friday, August 28, 2009

Up ahead: a shocking notion

Supposed "grass-roots" pro-coal campaign Web site uses stock photos:

It seems to me that a movement so driven by the support of good ol' folks with no partisan or corporate agenda wouldn't have to use fake "real people" in their promotional materials. After all, aren't there plenty of REAL "real people" around?

When Cox Cable in Lafayette suffered from bad PR, they began using real employees in their ads.

When Fox News held its tea parties, plenty of real people showed up to be forever preserved looking ignorant.

When Dick Armey and masterminded the health care obstructionist effort, real people showed up to town halls to scream and drown out intelligent dialogue.

So, as we see, it's not hard to recruit a few thousand citizens hopped up on Glenn Beck and the sweet freebase of fear to lend legitimacy to Spontaneous Uprisings, LLC. So FACES of Coal really blew this one. The coal showed up, but where are the FACES? To put it charitably, they're batting .500 with that name. Or, to put it my way, they're half-assing it.


Tom Alday said...

Oh no that slideshow also has an image of a busy city in it, obviously they are saying that ENTIRE city is behind them...or you know maybe they just needed a picture and found a stock photo to throw in there.

uh god Maddow is such a smarmy cunt, how do you watch that twit?

musing said...

All part of being a good capitalist, Ian. Buying stock photos to use in your campaign is a heck of a lot cheaper than paying real people to appear in it (to say nothing of the paperwork you have to go through to use their images, the lawyers you'd have to hire or at least put on retainer to make sure all that paperwork was in order, etc.). Why worry about using real people when you can do it on the cheap with a stock photo--and thus afford another six-figure bonus for yourself?

Tom Alday said...

I always love liberals that rage against the evil capitalist machine, yet benefit from it everyday.

Rage on you mighty hypocrites!

NOLA Progressive said...

We always love the angry NeoCon's that are so insecure that they hang around a blog full of progressives and degrade women by calling them "cunts".

Do the real Cons not like you? Not enough money for them? Too much money for them? Haven't taken a live sacrifice to C Street and paid the correct homage?

I've only been reading here at Ian's for a short while, but already I've seen many try exactly the nonsense you are perpetrating, and they always fail miserably. You all follow the same basic pattern as well. They start off a little cocky, but engaged in the conversation. Then they realize there are plenty of well informed liberals who are willing debate facts/figures as well as philosphy, and you get aggravated and furious that we won't simply bow to your omniscience. Then they start with comments about race, sexual orientation, gender etc... Profanity and anger subsitute for information and logic, and it's basically over after that.

You are definitely a traditional bell-curve Conservative.

Tom Alday said...

Aren't you the guy that laughably claims Obama's health care takeover will only cost 20 billion a year? If you're an example of a "well informed" liberal then your side is in even more trouble than the polls show.

I can more than best you in the facts/figure department, but sadly you're too much of a hyper partisan to see and understand them, so you try and deflect the conversation so it's about me and not about Obama and his rapidly sinking admin.

I have no desire to make this personal, as you seem to want to do. This admin's flailing and failing policies are all the ammo I need to destroy pretty much any tired talking point you try and float around here.

NOLA Progressive said...

Rage on you mighty hypocrites!

Sounds kinda personal to me. I've only claimed that the CBO figures and estimates, which you seem so beholden to, show one proposed healthcare reform bill with a deficit of approx. 230 billion over ten years. Now I understand that I'm just a hyper-partisan no -nothing. In your attempt to not make anything personal, you did a smashing good job of pointing that out. But when I punch that big number into the fancy addin machine that pa bought me fa my birthday and divide it by the number of years (10). I come up with 23 billion dollars a year.

Now I'm just using numbers the CBO is throwing out here. Granted the CBO has been drastically wrong in the past, but that's all I ever here coming from the GOPpers is CBO stats and figures. Well that and frothing rants about "Socialism".

Do you want to play a little game with your beloved polls? You actually post a real live statistic for once, and I'll post a poll that completely contradicts it. We can go on and on with that forever if you want, or we can both admit playing the poll game is a waste of time and is seldom accurate for anyone.

Also if you ever demonstrate a fact or figure to go along with that wonderfully apparent ego, myself or one of many individuals who regularly read here would be happy to discuss it. Or you can just keep up with your vague claims and innuendo and then occasionally call someone a "cunt" for being a woman on t.v. Of course, nothing personal though.