Wednesday, July 08, 2009


- As I get older, I realize just how grating it is to continually hear from baby boomers, "You missed out on..." That generation will go to its mass grave thinking it was the best thing to happen to recorded history. I guess every generation does that, but in the words of an ad I once saw in a magazine from 1989, "Generations come and go. Some are just a lot cooler than others." Way to dis the Greatest Generation over some Seagram's, yuppies.

But as far as I can tell, baby boomer culture is no different than any other: revered tremendously by those who grew up with it, who necessarily see it as the reality gauge to which nothing else can compare, while others see it as OK in spots and full of itself in others. Hell, I even like a lot of what the generation gave us. But greatest ever? Don't be so self-important.

That said, I do know what people in my generation (whatever mine is) really did miss: the feeling of knowing we will be better off than our parents. Way to think outside the box on that one, baby boomers. You guys do have Obama, though, so maybe there's hope on the tail end.

- I think I have yet to hear the word "fornication" spoken in any cadence other than TV preacher. It's like a password for religious fanaticism. I'm genuinely impressed by the religious right's efforts to have a parallel culture, with alternative music, TV shows, public events, celebrities and even vocabulary. Heh heh heh. Alternative lifestyle. Huh huh huh.

- Somebody tell Sarah Palin that you can't sue the press for slander just because you don't like something they said about you. There's a thing you have to prove called "actual malice" if you're a "public figure." Oh, you need a definition, Sarah? Well, "actual malice" refers to an intentional attempt to cause someone tangible harm through defamation and -- Oh. Sorry. "Public figure" refers to someone who is in the public domain of criticism, whether through politics, fame or other widespread exposure. You're that. Deal with it.

- If I played pro football, I'd watch Bill O'Reilly clips before every game. At least until the NFL told me to stop because too many people were getting hurt.


Jim said...

Ian, there is a lot of truth in what you say. As a bona fide baby boomer (1947) I am reminded constantly by my children, grandchildren, and younger friends that we are, to a large extent, intolerable. I've tried to stop beginning sentences with 'back in the day', or 'that's nothing, in the 60's we . . . '.
But you have to admit that you love us!

Ian McGibboney said...

You know I do. Enjoying my Social Security payments? Ha ha...

Jim said...

Nah, I'm gonna live to be 100. I'm holding out for the big check when I get 67.

GumboFilé said...

you missed (seeing the end of) the draft