Thursday, July 23, 2009

Caption Central

Today's captions brought to you by the Party of No!

--Hey, Obama, on your way to get your real birth certificate?
--Look at the celebrity Obama, getting the red-carpet treatment
--The Obamessiah walks on the blood of all the people socialized medicine's gonna kill
--A Jimmy Carter portrait. How fitting!
--Red: the color of China, Commies and Canada
--Leave it to Obama to step all over the economy, which is in the red
--So where are those millions of supporters who came to the inauguration now, huh?
--Walking away from America's problems, hey?
--"Those new taxes have to be around here somewhere..."
--What's with the face, Obama? Upset that your presidency has already been set in stone as a complete failure?
--Look at his cocky strut, like he's got a plan or something...
--Where you headed, Obama? Out for a smoke?
*Off to bowl badly?
*Off to one of the 57 states?
*Off to say "uh" every time your Teleprompter blinks?
*Off to brainwash more people into supporting your unappealing platform of expanded health care, withdrawal from Iraq and middle-class tax cuts?
*Off to the store for more socialism?
--Nice house! Did Tony Rezko get you that one too?
--Hussein's got BO!
--He walks with an appreciation for all the steps he takes, because Obama is a basketball player, and you don't quit walking when there's guarding to be guarded. In a way, walking is like being a community organizer, but with actual walking on red carpet. Only dead fish walk with the flow. (Contributed by Sarah Palin)
--That's right, use the back entrance, boy.
--Ayers. Wright. ACORN. Something. (Not clever, but neither are they)

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