Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let's make a deal

If I promise to visit you,, will you promise to stop airing those obnoxious commercials?

Commercials. Television ads that air throughout the course of a show. Show. An entertainment program that can take many forms. TV. Stage. Screen. Screen. Can describe either a monitor, a long piece of sheeting or a wire cover intended to block insects and debris from entering airspace. Airspace. Where planes fly. Fly. Insect or slang for zipper. Zipper. A device that allows for the closing of a storage device or pants. Pants. An article of clothing that covers your ass. Ass. Kiss it.

What has search overload done to us? That.

1 comment:

TJENKINS said...

Oh...oh HAHAHAHA I see what you did there, you took the annoying tactic used in the commercial and used it in a blog post to tell people how much it annoys you! Oh my Ian, you are a genius, a god amongst men really....How do you do it daily??! LOLHAHAHALOL I can't stop I'm literally L'ing OUT LOUD! That college degree was not wasted, no way bro you are one crafty guy LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL