Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One map that isn't red enough

Visited 16 states (32%)
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When I last did this map a few years ago, I had been to 11 states, basically a flat stripe across part of the bottom of the country. I've taken lots of trips in my life, but looking at that map made me feel inadequate. Three of the states were the result of a single trip, so I'd mostly been a Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas boy. Still am, much of the time.

But I do love to travel, and never miss an opportunity. Below are the first years I set foot in a particular state. I like the trend that emerges:

Louisiana: 1980
Texas: 1981
Arkansas: 1982
Mississippi: 1982
Tennessee: 1982
Alabama: 1985
Florida: 1985
California: 1999
Arizona: 1999
New Mexico: 1999
Oklahoma: 2002
Colorado: 2006
Utah: 2006
Georgia: 2007
Missouri: 2007
Kansas: 2009

I've added nine of these 16 states in the past 10 years, and five in the last three. I hope to add many more (and maybe some countries too) in the coming decade. Not bad for someone who, at least on a bank statement, should never leave his neighborhood.


Chris B. said...

This was fun!

I did the same thing too and was astounded. Only states I have not visited are from New York on northeast, Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

Ian McGibboney said...

Oh, you aren't missing much.