Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just one more thing Back to the Future II got wrong

They just keep piling up, don't they? Flying cars. Hoverboards. Hydrators. Home fusion reactors. Slamball. Extremely colorful clothes. Rejuvenation clinics. Alpha-rhythm sleep-inducing generators (well, maybe that last one won't be missed). And did I mention hoverboards?

And let's not forget the things that died out long before 2015. Record players. Pay phones. Pontiac. Clunky Walkmans. Queen Diana. And, perhaps saddest of all, the newspaper.

Despite the naysayers, I think there will be newspapers in 2015. Hell, it's only six years from now. But I doubt USA Today will have 3 billion readers, as this paper brags (of course, that could be a subtle satirical point on both overpopulation and the increasingly monopolistic nature of the media). And you'd think there'd be at least one Web site address on there someplace, like there already has been for years, instead of "Via Compu-Fax Satellite." Still, they nailed the emphasis on local content. Maybe too much so.

In any case, there's still at least one more thing I hope winds up wrong. In the newspaper's sidebar, the president is referred to as "she." That could only mean Sarah Palin is president in 2015. Which means this movie is actually "Idiocracy." NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


TJenkins said...

Whoa, a Sarah Palin joke. Edgy dude. You realize the VP you actually voted for is a blithering idiot, right?

Ian McGibboney said...

Joe Biden is filterless and tactless, not a blithering idiot. Sarah Palin is abrasive AND not smart. I would vote for Biden 100 times out of 100 over Palin.

You need to read my rule about the "but the Democrats..." argument. I understand it's literally all you guys have left, but it's weak and makes you all sound like sheep.

Tjenkins said...

Lol, yeah after 8 years of "yeah but BUUUUSSSSHHH..." it reminds me of how right after the election, and 8 years of the meanest, vilest rhetoric, suddenly you liberals are like "Why all the negativity?!?!". It's HILARIOUS and so goddamn transparent.

Biden's great, if you love racist morons as your VP, which I guess you do.

Ian McGibboney said...

"yeah but BUUUUSSSSHHH..."

I've never done that. Bush has plenty to criticize on his own. And the reason there was a lot of criticism is because there was a lot to criticize. He was a terrible president and made disastrous decisions in the name of greed and power. I'll defend anything I ever wrote about Bush.

Obama's critics, on the other hand, are so hyperbolic that it's barely worth talking about. "Socialism!" "Fascism!" "Tea Parties!" "Secret Muslim!" It's just the desperate bleating of the Party of No. So forgive me if I don't take you seriously, Tjenkins. You don't give me much to work with.

TJenkins said...

"Obama's critics, on the other hand, are so hyperbolic that it's barely worth talking about. "Socialism!" "Fascism!" "Tea Parties!" "Secret Muslim!" It's just the desperate bleating of the Party of No. So forgive me if I don't take you seriously, Tjenkins. You don't give me much to work with."

Are you serious? You act as if Democrats/Liberals didn't run around for the past 8 years calling everyone on right either a racist, a fascist, terrorists or any other invective they could fit on a paperboard sign. Were you in a coma the last 8 years? you must have been or else you're just a hypocrite.

The disconnect from reality you liberals have developed since the election should really be turned into some kind of psych case study somewhere.

Ian McGibboney said...

I was ready to respond to that, but your last sentence is itself hyperbolic. Do you really think you're helping your cause by insinuating that people like me are head cases? And you wonder why people like Rush and Ann Coulter are so despised. It hurts to be called head cases by those two. It's like you telling me I'm a bad writer. I must be TERRIBLE.

And I won't pretend that some liberals didn't hurl epithets at Bush. But I, at least, tried to back up everything I said. And those people weren't at the forefront of the Democratic Party, as Rush and Boehner and those clowns are now at the GOP.

Tjenkins said...

Ian, you are a terrible writer. It's why, after 5 years of operation, you barely manage to get 100 visitors a day, with half of those probably being search engine spiders. You're a failure. Your writing is amateurish and so badly sourced I could randomly bash my keyboard with my face and probably have more accurate info than you.

Let me imagine a typical Ian McGibboney day of blogging:

8am: Wake up, wonder why I'm a rudderless loser
801am: Fire up the browser, go to MediaMatters, Daily Kos and ThinkProgress
815am: get annoyed because you have no original thoughts of your own
820am: Find something to feign outrage about
830am: Without bothering to source, or research said subject, proceed to "write".
900am: Post drivel, smugly pat yourself on the back, await the replies
1000pm: After constantly refreshing your webpage all day without any comments, masturbate to donkey porn and go to bed.

Ian McGibboney said...

You're completely off, Tjenkins. I work nights, so the donkey porn actually happens around 1 a.m. Yee-haw!

I've always written this blog for myself, and no one else. It has peaks and valleys, but it's something of which I am very proud.

So where's your body of work, Tjenkins? Certainly, someone with such insight on the art of writing and who can so easily generate volumes of valid criticism so many times a day could enlighten me.

In the meantime, I have to go clean my apartment and go to my full-time job. Because I do have both.