Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Wrong" doesn't get much wronger than this

I thought it was bizarre enough that Plaster Sports Complex, the football stadium of Missouri State University, was a 45-minute drive out of the way of the school, on the outskirts of the outskirts of town. But my own university's football stadium was a relatively long haul from the campus, so I thought it was possible. Anyway, I've seen far weirder things in this city.

Well, not only was it not there, but NOTHING was there. I'd call it the sticks, but even the sticks said, "Screw this," and fell elsewhere. I drove literally the entire expanse of Farm Road 97 twice, and barely managed to get back to something I recognized. At one point during this trip, a road crew sprayed a hose that nearly drenched the inside of my car. Needless to say, I felt this wasn't at all a complete waste of time and an utter ruination of my plans.

(Interestingly enough, the road crossing Farm Road 97 at the A-spot is Route 66. Yes, THE Route 66. Perhaps this map was a trick to boost tourism?)

It turns out that not only is the complex in town and very close to my job, where I have to work this afternoon, but I've actually seen the place. That's what I get for trusting Google Maps not to be this utterly and disastrously wrong.

Keep that in mind the next time you use Google Maps. It might help to get a second opinion.

(UPDATE: I was able to edit the mark to put it where it actually belongs. I've been shafted by online maps before, but never this severely. So I'm guessing someone shoved it a dozen or so miles out of the way as a prank. And thanks to all the Springfieldians who thought this was so hilarious. I guess if I'd lived here all my life, or had gone there at least once before, I'd be laughing too.)

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