Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Things I'm thinking about

- The infamous RedFlex speed vans are being pulled from both Louisiana and Arizona after someone murdered a van driver in Phoenix. Apparently, this is where the company draws the line - not at squelching constitutional rights, not at corporate carpetbagging, not at widespread public opposition, not even at a Lafayette driver having plowed a van into a ditch. No, it took a horrible, cold-blooded murder (which initial reports say was motivated by the van itself) to get RedFlex to say, "Well, maybe this isn't worth it...for now." So much for the system saving lives! How much money are these cities getting for fanning irrational homicidal urges, anyway?

- My clock radio woke me up this morning to the strains of Taylor Swift's "Love Story." I have problems with this song. First off, she's barely 19. I know in country-music years that makes her an old maid, but my Nintendo is older than her, and it's still searching for a nice Xbox. This song triumphantly ends with a wedding-proposal verse; I assume the reception bar will be serving Yoo-Hoo, because she's too young to drink. Or to get married, for that matter.

And what's with the "I talked to your father / Go pick out a white dress?" He forgot to mention to color-coordinate the leash, but if she hangs out with these guys she must innately know that part. Do guys still seek the father's permission when proposing? I understand it's a tradition, but so is trading goats for a wife. Regardless, it's a odd development, given that the dad spends the entire song keeping Romeo away from Taylor's Juliet.

Yes, the Romeo-Juliet parallel. Don't Romeo and Juliet die at the end? I don't think that's what Taylor was shooting for. At the very least, she could have had the last verse be an update on their lives 10 years later, to see just how happily-ever-after they actually are at, uh, 29. Damn, I feel old...

- Public wedding proposals are tacky. I like them best when the woman says no.

- Today is Earth Day. I shall celebrate by turning off all unnecessary pow--


rhonda said...

"Well, maybe this isn't worth it...for now." usual, i wish you were wrong, but you're right.

you should keep a broken pencil near your alarm clock and see if that awful song and a fresh pencil are there to rouse you tomorrow. ;)

GumboFilé said...

Unfortunately it looks like the absence of the vans will only be temporary, and of course the pole mounted cameras remain.