Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bobby Jindal knows things, mm-k?

A Missourian asks: "Forty-nine states have reported an increase in unemployment rates, whereas only Louisiana has reported increased employment.

"What does the GOP's Indian-American rising star Bobby Jindal know about economics that the other 49 governors have forgotten?"

There are several answers for this, I imagine:

1) Job numbers are rising because they couldn't have gotten lower.
2) Alcohol is selling quite well.
3) Busboy jobs abound in Louisiana.
4) Somebody's gotta run the toxic-waste plants: "They smell like money to us!"
5) Drill, baby, drill!
6) College graduates can't stop working: coffee shop in the daytime, warehouse work at night.
7) A rich vein has been tapped in the fledgling Sarah Palin drool-tissue industry.
8) As people flood out of the state, job figures inevitably look better.

Of course, this question ceases to be serious with the description of "the GOP's Indian-American rising star Bobby Jindal." That's just overkill. Very telling, "I saw Jindal's State of the Union response and am responding accordingly"-caliber overkill. The writer isn't asking this question so much as he's daring you to ask it - in a very leading way. And why not? Jindal's got the brains, the youth and just the right looks for the GOP. Soon they'll be offering you a free shammy with purchase - a $3.95 value!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what passes for a grass-roots movement in the Republican Party.

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rhonda said...

hmm. don't know if it's pessimistic or optimistic of me, but either way, i'll always have work as a counselor in a joint like this :)