Monday, March 23, 2009

An awesome car I saw today, built of glass, steel and irony

Why does this car even need license plates, when the owner's balls are what should really be registered? Clearly, they're deadly weapons against The Man.

It's so deceptive, especially at night. You know, you need the five-o and you think, "Phew, I've found them!" But get closer...and see the fine print. Psych!

You have to admit, though - this would make an awesome unmarked car. Some criminal would let their guard down and say to the driver, "Yeah, screw those pigs! I got drugs right here! Want some?" And BAM! Cuffed! It's almost not fair.

If I were the police chief, I would assign that car to this location:

This is a real sign just off a bike trail that I frequent. And, believe me, you don't want to go 18 mph in this zone. Rip your arm right off, man.

If they parked that "police car" there, and violators said to the cops, "I wasn't doing anything wrong," then the cops could quip, "Yeah, and we're NOT THE FIVE-O!" High-five! Score one more for the Good Guyz!

See? I'm nothing if not a law-and-order man.


Chris said...

Speed Limit 17 FTW!!!!

At the mill my dad once worked at in Oregon, once you entered the facility you were greeted with signs warning you not to exceed 8 mph -- or else.


Jason said...

That's hilarious.