Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yes, people thank W in much fewer megabytes:

"He always did what he thought was right, not what was popular."

"He worked to keep America safe."

"He ran this nation with dignity, honor and respect."

"He is a Godly man with high moral values."

"He protected us from another 9/11."

"I thank W because he was hand-picked by God to lead our nation during this turbulent time of human history. I thank President Bush for not bowing to popular opinion and for standing by his God-given convictions. This was not an easy task - it was selfless and put him in the position of being hated by many. But, he did what was right in the sight of God and protected our nation from untold danger and calamity." (Kudos to this person for actually being somewhat original, even if I can't stomach the other 7/10 of her comment.)

I highly recommend this site, both for its humor value and its apparently earnest look into the mind-set of perhaps the most deluded sub-set of voters currently littering America. But mostly for the laughs.

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