Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Commercial radio: the reason iPods were invented

Some guy on the radio (Clear Channel affiliate, natch) just spouted some indignity about the government wanting to use stimulus money to buy what he said derisively were "green golf carts." Of course, the article he links to on the station's Web site says the $300 million would purchase an entire fleet of hybrid cars for the government, and that the "golf carts" are, in fact, sophisticated battery-operated vehicles and represent a tiny fraction of that spending.

In his press conference, Barack Obama defended such purchases by saying they create jobs and reduce energy needs at the same time. Anyway, the percentage allocated for such pursuits is much smaller than the hilariously unprofessional headlines at the New York Post would suggest. (And yes, I'm aware it's a tabloid. Even so...)

Good for Obama to not back down on this, because the blowhards calling for more tax cuts forget (or don't care) that stimulating the economy isn't just about putting paychecks in rich people's mailboxes. Investment in our infrastructure is the very best way to do it. The new cars in question, for example, are the Ford Escape and the Chevy Volt. Somebody's gotta make those cars. I hear Detroit has a few folks lying around. Sure, it's no strings-free bailout to corporate executives, but perhaps it'll work. At the same time, it'll make the government more energy-efficient and, ultimately, less costly to maintain. It's called a smart investment. We are all about that, right? Let's at least try it.

The DJ's rant was followed immediately by a commercial for U.S. Automotive. It consists of two vapid women talking about cars. One has a red warning light glowing in her car, and doesn't know what it means. Fortunately, she giggles, she doesn't ever have to know! She can just call U.S. Automotive, and they'll take care of it for her! The commercial ends with the friend saying she'll keep the company in mind, at which time a clank suggests a huge part (the transmission, maybe) has fallen off her car. "Call U.S. Automotive!" she says far too perkily.

Personally, I hope the red glow they saw on their dashboard was the "fasten belts" symbol. Fools and their money are soon parted.


Michael said...

It's a throwback to the McCain campaign meme that Obama tried to get an earmark for an "overhead projector" for the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. The "overhead projector" in question was a Zeiss Mark VI projector that needed replacement--and which would, if prior history is any indication, last for several decades.

Schroeder said...

It's time for Obama to start requiring licensed broadcasters to actually justify the renewal of their licenses by representing diversity and localism in their programming content. A restoration of the Fairness Doctrine would be a good first step -- that, and maybe not renewing a few broadcaster's licenses.

Ian McGibboney said...

Michael: You gotta love the misunderstandings and outright distortions going around. At least Obama's been forceful so far about clearing it up.

Schroeder: If it's possible to agree more than 100 percent with you, then I do. It's a much better idea than that ISP microcharge crap.

Hathor said...

The Escape is a good SUV, so whats their beef, giving government employees decent cars to drive.