Sunday, February 01, 2009

25 things about me - Dynamite edition

1) I keep things until they fall apart, and sometimes well after that. I drove my pickup truck for years after parts began falling off of it. I spliced snapped cassettes back together as early as age 12 (that still work), and not long after I rigged a clothespin to turn on my first CD player once the power switch fell out.

2) Sometimes gum disintegrates in my mouth. This tastes horrible.

3) After living in Missouri for two years, I've discovered that even many people I thought had no accent in Louisiana do have one.

4) I didn’t have a Social Security number until I was nine years old.

5) My car emits a jingle when it's hydroplaning. Because I’d never guess it merely from the total lack of control.

6) When I look back at the happiest times of my life, they were usually in times of economic hardship and/or when my friends were going through difficult times. Sometimes I wonder about that.

7) One of my best friends told me that, of all the people she's ever known, I'm the hardest to read. Which explains many dates I've been on.

8) I couldn’t ride a bike until I was 10 years old. When I hit that age, I became obsessed with learning how. I still remember every moment of the day my grandparents brought home a bike of my very own. I haven’t stopped riding since.

9) My grandfather, a World War II veteran, built his house in 1947 and lived there until his death in 1999. The night after he died, I found a crate of live dynamite from the war sitting in an armoire next to the dryer. I spent half my life at their house and so had entire generations of my extended family. Some things you’re glad you never knew.

10) My least-favorite song will often run in my head for hours at a time. Even when it's a song I like, though, it tends to be my least-favorite part of the song.

11) I’ll never forget the moment I first laid eyes on my little sister. There’s nothing that even remotely compares to that.

12) I’m undefeated at Trivial Pursuit.

13) I used to date a German woman, and we once watched “Sprockets” together. She didn’t get it. So we put in Raiders of the Lost Ark, which was even more awkward.

14) When I was 12, I tried to install a smoke alarm in my bedroom. Not knowing any better, I plugged the copper wires (meant for an insulated ceiling setup) straight into an outlet. It worked. I pulled it out and ran over to tell my mom of my genius. When I demonstrated it for her, a fireball of sparks shot out of the outlet. She freaked and said I was going to burn down the house. I didn’t sleep for the next day and a half. No, the house did not burn down. Yes, it would have been ironic if it had.

15) I want an IMDB page. It is one of my goals in life to earn one.

16) I would love to sit at a table with Barack Obama and talk about absolutely anything at all. It has little do to him being president. He’s just so versatile, and I’m inspired greatly by anyone who can hold court on such an intellectual level.

17) I’d like to better the world. I have no idea how to do that. I know that protesting, working phone banks and making donations don’t appeal to me at all. I’ll have to find some other avenue of change-effecting.

18) I watch the Super Bowl for the game. When Scott Norwood missed the last-second kick for the Bills in 1991, I sang to the tune of “Lady Willpower”: “The kick was no good / Scott Norwood! Never!” When Plaxico Burress caught the winning TD pass for the Giants last year, I jumped several feet in the air and did a spontaneous cheerleading routine. I didn’t care who saw.

19) I met Arthur Ashe, the first black singles player to win Wimbledon, in sixth grade. He came to my school to promote fitness. I remember thinking what a healthy man he was. I had no idea he was dying of AIDS - he disclosed it only months later. He died exactly a year after I met him. I still have the sports almanac he autographed for me.

20) I often do my job in my dreams. Which makes me glad I’m not a butcher or a telemarketer.

21) I worked fast food for two months. When I worked the register, I’d often get tips and phone numbers, as well as compliments on my voice. It almost made up for the extreme shittiness of the job. But not quite.

22) When I was little, I thought my family was rich. I had no idea how little we had. But we sure did a hell of a lot with it.

23) As much as I love technology, I miss the days when public places meant meeting people and newspapers mattered more. I always feel a little guilty when I go to the YMCA with my iPod. Of course, even the old people have them on, so maybe I’m not missing much.

24) I’m really into biographies of famous people, because I want to know how they succeeded. It reminds me that they’re just human beings who weren’t afraid to go for what they were after.

25) I have a reputation for being a horrible liar, which is exactly what I want you to think.

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