Sunday, January 04, 2009


Cal Thomas will write a column comparing Hamas to Hitler. He will also chide Israel for being too peaceful. Instead, he will say, Israel should adopt a "peace-through-strength" policy wherein the country takes a tough stance against terrorism. That stance will be defined as dropping even more bombs on Palestinian refugee camps.

It will be a radical departure from conventional thinking and not horribly hawkish in the slightest.

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rhonda said...


last week i seriously got my feelings hurt when someone actually asked my opinion, and then almost immediately asked me to stop talking the moment i used the phrase "excessive force." just like that. i believe specifically what she said was "ugh, i shouldn't have brought this up with YOU."

the bottom line is that terms that are bandied about daily like "terrorism" and "excessive force" are never clearly defined because then some of our "allies" would SO clearly fall on the wrong side of any definition. whether aggression gets called terrorism or genius strategy all depends on who's doing the bombing, and that not everyone is truly even allowed an opinion on the matter....especially when you carry around a last name like mine.

whew. ok. sorry for the giant fit.