Monday, January 26, 2009

Kathleen Parker rips me off (and not a moment too soon)

Me, 4/8/08: "Enough with the Hussein! None of the people who love to play up Barack Obama's middle name seem to care that we had an ally named King Hussein in Jordan during the Gulf War, and no one held that against him."

Kathleen Parker, 1/26/09: "It has never been clear to less-fevered minds why the name's association with Iraq's Saddam was more compelling than with Jordan's royal family. King Hussein, now deceased, and his son King Abdullah II have been among our most valuable allies in the Middle East."

This is especially interesting, given that this rule of mine, "Asinine association," actually appeared in print as a sidebar item in a Missouri newspaper the day after I wrote it. So, journalistically speaking, I scooped Parker.

But why, oh why, did it take anyone important almost a full year to make this point?

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