Monday, January 19, 2009

Here I am playing football

Thanks to Chris Brewer and our friend Jessica, we have video footage of our Sunday football game at Brad Pitt's high school practice field. Larry Litle of Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind fame also came out and played alongside us. I told Chris we should film our games more often, as a way of preserving our good times for prosperity. Also, because I completely sucked in this game and had to leave at halftime to go to work, with my last play being an intercepted pass in the end zone, and I want a better legacy than that.

Also, I have to prove that I can run more like Michael Lewis and less like Michael Flatley. Damn back therapy.

As a reference point, I'm the one in the gray pullover, black long-johns and neon-blue shorts who quarterbacks on the very first play. Chris (the quarterback on the second play here) could've shown the next few plays, on which I connected several times. But nooo...he had to show only my first (and worst) play of the drive, because that would take YouTube time away from his own personal highlight reel. Nyuk nyuk.

Watch for me yelling "To the house!" at 1:40. You can close your eyes for a second or five after that.

In the play that begins at 2:17, I almost picked it off in the end zone. I had all 10 fingers on it and batted it, and I was pretty sure it was dead. Except the receiver made a ridiculous, way-too-good-for-this-league dive and saved it. On the conversion attempt, I threw myself in the receiver's face and missed the ball by centimeters. You can hear me yell, "O-for-two!" The footage doesn't do either play justice. Fortunately.

At 2:56, I make a decent block. For this game, anyway.

At 3:32, Pete shows us how to dance. He's a banker.

This video lacks the Tecmo Fives we generally give after touchdowns - essentially, we loft ourselves in the air and slap hands at the highest point, like the original Tecmo Bowl. Next time, Chris, we'll have to capture that as well. And you can add Tecmo Graphics with our names on them!

Despite the oddly inverse correlation between how well I play and how many people witness it, these games are often the highlight of my week. Chris did a great job editing the video (he is a pro, after all) and some awesome people come out to play each Sunday. If you're ever in the Springfield area on Sunday afternoons, come check us out at Kickapoo High School.

And don't cross my path. You'll get stomped, as the New Kids on the Block say.


Chris said...

Had to delete the old video as the widescreen version is now up.


Anonymous said...

Are you wearing leg warmers?

Ian McGibboney said...

No, long johns.